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Colin and Ailsa Turbayne International Berkeley Essay Prize Competition

Berkeley Prize Winners

Except as noted, all affiliations are believed to be current; please report any corrections to the University of Rochester Philosophy Department. Winners are listed according to the year in which the prize was awarded.


Philip D. Cummins, University of Iowa, “Berkeley's Manifest Qualities Thesis,” published Journal of the History of Philosophy, 28 (1990), pp. 385-401; reprinted in Berkeley's Metaphysics, edited by Robert G. Muehlmann (1995). pp. 107-127


Robert G. Muehlmann, University of Western Ontario, “The Substance of Berkeley's Philosophy,” published in Berkeley's Metaphysics, edited by Robert G. Muehlmann (1995). pp. 89-105


Lisa Downing, Ohio State University, “Berkeley's Case Against Realism About Dynamics,” published in Berkeley's Metaphysics, edited by Robert G. Muehlmann (1995).  pp. 197-214

1993: Two Winning Essays:

George Pappas, Ohio State University, “Berkeley and Scepticism,” published in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, LIX, March, 1999

Alan Hausman, Hunter College of City University of New York, and David Hausman, “A New Approach to Berkeley's Ideal Reality,” published in Berkeley's Metaphysics, edited by Robert G. Muehlmann (1995).


Stephen Harris, College of William and Mary (affiliation when prize was awarded), “Berkeley's Argument from Perceptual Relativity”


No Award


Margaret Atherton, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Mr. Abbot and Prof. Fraser: A 19th Century Debate about Berkeley's Theory of Vision,” published as Report 19/96 Forschungsgruppe, Perception and the Role of Evolutionary Internalized Regularities, Zentrum fuer interdiziplinaere Forschung, University of Beilefeld, 1996.

2001: Two Winning Essays:

John Carriero, University of California at Los Angeles, “Immaterialism, The New Science, and Immediate Perception.”

Todd Ryan, Trinity College, “A New Account of Berkeley's Likeness Principle”


Michael Collins Allers, “A Worry about Divine Perception in Berkeley's Philosophy”


Laurence Carlin, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, “Leibniz and Berkeley on Phenomenalism and Teleology”


Jeffrey McDonough, Harvard University, “Berkeley, Human Agency and Divine Concurrentism”


Sukjae Lee, Ohio State University “Berkeley on the Activity of Spirits”


Stefan Storrie, Trinity College, Dublin, “Berkeley's apparent Cartesianism in De Motu”


Thomas Curtin, Trinity College, Dublin, “Berkeley's Conception of Causal Power”


Nancy E. Kendrick, Wheaton College, Massachusetts, "The 'Empty Amusement' of Willing: Berkeley on Agent Causation"

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