Alexander Lee earned his PhD from Stanford and his BA from Yale. His research focuses on the factors governing the success or failure of political institutions. In particular, his work focuses on the historical evolution of state capacity, the political economy of South Asia, the causes and consequences of identity politics, and bureaucratic politics.  His work uses quantitative methods, historical sources, and fieldwork in rural India and has been published in the American Journal of Political Science, World Politics, the Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, International Organization and the Quarterly Journal of Political Science, among other outlets. His book, Development in Multiple Dimensions: Social Power and Regional Policy in India is available from the University of Michigan Press. His book From Hierarchy to Ethnicity: The Politics of Caste in Twentieth-Century India is available from Cambridge University Press in India and the United States. His book The Cartel System of States: An Economic Theory of International Politics will be available from Oxford University Press in December 2022


Office: Harkness 327