Alison Peterman

James P. Wilmot Distinguished Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Rochester



Office:520 Lattimore Hall
Office Hours:Thursday, 12:00-2:00 pm

Areas of Specialization

Early Modern Philosophy
History of Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Perception, Metaphysics


PhD, Philosophy 2012 Northwestern University
MS, Physics 2012 University of Maryland
BA, Philosophy 2004 University of Richmond


A current CV is available here.

Recent and Upcoming Activity

Pacific APA 2017, Author Meets Critics (on David Cunning's Cavendish).
Society for Analytical Feminism, September 2016.
Chicago Early Modern Circle, June 13, 2016.
Spinoza France États-Unis, Paris, June 3-4, 2016.
London Spinoza Circle, May 19, 2016.
Duke New Narratives in Philosophy Conference, April 12-16, 2016.
Morris Workshop in Metaphysics and its History. UC Boulder, March11-12.


"Empress vs. Spiderman: Margaret Cavendish on pure and applied mathematics." Synthese, forthcoming.
"Newton and Spinoza." The Oxford Handbook of Newton. Ed. Eric Schliesser and Chris Smeenk (OUP), forthcoming.
"Descartes and Spinoza on Embodiment." Oxford Philosophical Concepts: Embodiment. Ed. Justin E.H. Smith (OUP), forthcoming.
"The physical interlude." Cambridge Critical Guide to Spinoza's Ethics. Ed. Yitzhak Melamed (CUP), forthcoming.
"Spinoza on skepticism." Skepticism: From Antiquity to the Present.. Ed. Baron Reed and Diego Machuca (Bloomsbury), forthcoming.
"Spinoza on extension." Philosophers' Imprint 15(14), April 2015.
"Spinoza on physical science." Philosophy Compass 9(3), March 2014.
"Spinoza on the 'principles of natural things'." Leibniz Review (22), December 2012.
Please see CV for forthcoming work and work in progress.


PHL 270/470: Hume and Reid
PHL 590: Metaphysics and its History (with Paul Audi)
PHL 270/470: Rationalism
PHL 265/467: Empiricism
PHL 327/BCS 227 (with Lauren Emberson): Theory of Perception (Syllabus)
PHL 150: Reason and Argument (Syllabus)
PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 202: Introduction to Modern Philosophy (Syllabus)
PHL 300: Seminar for Majors (Perception) (Syllabus)
PHL 300: Seminar for Majors (Freedom) (Syllabus)