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School of Nursing

“You are, in fact, the greatest generation ... You are ready to commence on your journey.” University President and CEO Joel Seligman addressed the 275 new School of Nursing graduates and an audience of family, friends, loved ones, and supporters at their May 19 commencement ceremony.

  • two graduates adjusting each other's gowns Helping hands: Ngao Nalungwe (left) adjusts Lauren Oppenheimer Searls’ regalia before the School of Nursing commencement ceremony. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • a woman adjusts a graduates cap and hair Finishing touches: Shaunielle Glen (right) makes a few last-minute adjustments to her sister Wendra Lyken’s regalia. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • a couple kissing, one wears graduation cap and gown A tender moment: Michael Yassick and his wife Heather share a kiss before the ceremony. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • a line of graduates walks through a theater hallway The gathering: Candidates congregate in Lowry Hall. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • Kathy Rideout speaking from the podium What motivates you? As part of her address, Kathy Rideout, dean of the School of Nursing, highlights the factors—both intrinsic and extrinsic—that motivated the graduating class to pursue their studies in nursing. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student speaking from the podium Testing traditions: “As we embark on our new careers as nurses, let us not forget to ask questions.” Allison Joy Carr delivers the undergraduate remarks for the Class of 2017, reminding her classmates that while nursing is a profession built on traditions, nurses should not be afraid to challenge assumptions and conventions. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student speaking from the podium Marking milestones: With more than 30 years of nursing experience, Luis Abdiel Rosario-McCabe earned his fourth degree from the School of Nursing this year. Addressing his classmates, he recalls, “As I reflect on my seemingly twisted path to nursing, I’ve come to realize the single most important factor guiding my career is not having a master plan.” (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • row of laughing graduates in Eastman Theatre Everyday superheroes: Rosario-McCabe’s fellow candidates react during his remarks, including his comment that nurses—found working everywhere from cruise ships to congress—are superheroes in their own right. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • Bobbie Berkowitz speaking behind the podium Words of wisdom: “Much of society has no idea how powerful you can be,” says Bobbie Berkowitz, dean of Columbia University’s School of Nursing and president of the American Academy of Nursing, during the commencement address. “Most of society underestimates the complexity of your future practice. But many do understand and welcome nursing’s influence in leadership and policy, and they assume you are credible, transformational leaders of the future.” (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student walks off the stage smiling and clutching her diploma All the feels: Brandy Marie Young clutches her diploma as she crosses the stage. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • President Seligman takes a diploma to a student in the audience Delivery with a smile: Unable to cross the stage because of a broken ankle, Jenelle Noble receives her hand-delivered diploma from University President and CEO Joel Seligman. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • graduate walks across the stage giving a thumbs up Eyes on the prize (recipient): Sergio Amador Perez gives the crowd a thumbs-up after receiving the Margery Fancher Daly Memorial Prize, awarded to an outstanding graduate student who embodies compassion and competence in professional nursing practice. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • large crowd of graduates celebrating in Eastman Theatre It's official! Members of the graduating class of the School of Nursing move their tassels after their degrees are conferred. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)

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