Metadata Lookup Utility

For looking up Specifications, Terms and Definitions

Use this tool to find information in the UR Data Glossary, the University’s metadata management service.

The glossary is a repository that stores business terminology and data definitions used across all divisions, business domains and data systems at the University of Rochester.

Having a centralized service to store this type of information improves the visibility of existing data for reporting purposes, encourages community engagement and provides clear, agreed-upon language across the institution.

About the tools in this utility:

Specification Information

Lookup basic information about a specification such as its purpose and description.

A specification is information that describes a set of data that is used to produce reports or make decisions. Some examples of types of specifications include reports, visualization dashboards, columnar files (.csv or excel files) data extracts, and data schemas.

Specification Terms

Lookup the list of terms and their definitions that are associated with a specification.

Term Definitions

Lookup what a term means in plain language.