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Temporary Employee
of the Month

Temporary Employee of the Month

Ronald Kelly

Strong Staffing

To Place an Order with Strong Staffing

Division 01 & 02 customers, may email the form entitled “SS Request for Division 01 & 02”  to:

Please provide as much detailed information as possible about the temporary employee’s job duties.

Division 04 & 05 customers, must complete the form entitled “SS Authorization & Exemption Form”, forward it on to the Directors’ office for approval, and then mail it to Dina Henchen (for Administrative support temporaries) or Betty Chinappi (for Service Maintenance Support temporaries) or Cynthia Gavin (for all Patient Care temporary employees) at 910 Genesee Street, 1st floor.

Division 09 customers must complete a form entitled “SS Authorization & Exemption Form Div 09”, and mail to either Dina Henchen or Betty Chinappi or Cynthia Gavin at 910 Genesee Street, 1st floor.

Forms are available at the link Printable Forms

Once the order form has been received, Strong Staffing will fill the order from its pool of temporary employees. The customer has three options:

The Strong Staffing Pool

All Strong Staffing temporary employees have been interviewed & reference checked. A criminal background check has been completed on all and, when appropriate, a physical and drug screen has been completed.

Strong Staffers attend the Monday University Orientation as well as a Tuesday morning Strong Staffing Orientation. They all receive training on confidentiality, and temporaries for the Hospital and Medical Center complete the Mandatory In-Service, and Hipaa training.

In the event that Strong Staffing is unable to fill an order, we ask our primary vendor, The Employment Store, to assist with staffing.

Please note, all requests for temporary help for administrative support, and service maintenance support must be coordinated through Strong Staffing.