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How do I call for MERT?

MERT is dispatched by University of Rochester Public Safety. If you or another person are in a medical emergency, call Public Safety at 585-275-3333 or x13 from AT&T or Verizon phone. You can also reach Public Safety by picking up any blue light phone located around campus.

Are the services provided by MERT free?

All services provided by MERT are free. However, if a patient needs to go to the emergency department, MERT will provide care until a transporting agency arrives. Transporting agencies are not affiliated with the University and will charge fees.

Are services provided by MERT confidential?

All care provided by MERT is confidential and covered by HIPAA.

What is a Standby and how do I schedule one?

When requested for an event, RC MERT will provide a “standby” crew that can give medical assistance at a moment’s notice. To schedule a standby, visit the “Request a Standby” page under the “Contact Us” tab.

Why is Public Safety present during a MERT call?

Public Safety is dispatched on every MERT call. Public Safety is present to ensure the safety of the patient and the MERT crew.

Does MERT transport patients to the hospital?

MERT does not transport patients to any receiving facility. If transport is required, a transporting agency will be dispatched. MERT will provide care until the agency arrives.

Do MERT members get paid?

All members are volunteers.

When is MERT available to respond to calls?

MERT has a full crew on every night from 8PM to 8AM and all day Saturday and Sunday during the academic year. During the weekdays from 8AM to 8PM, a limited crew is available. If MERT is unable to respond, an outside agency will be dispatched.

What is MERT’s response time?

MERT strives to respond to all medical emergencies in the shortest response time. The average time it takes MERT to arrive on scene after receiving an emergency call is 5 minutes. However, response time will vary based on time of day and location of the call.

Who is in charge of MERT?

MERT is run by a dedicated and experienced Executive Board headed by the Director of Operations. MERT is also under the direction of a Medical Director at the University of Rochester Medical Center and is advised by University of Rochester Department of Public Safety. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Director of Operations.

What equipment does MERT have?

While MERT does not have an ambulance, MERT has all required equipment for a BLS quick response service. MERT carries spinal immobilization equipment (i.e. backboards, spider straps, headblocks), splinting and traction equipment (padded board splints, SAM splints, and traction splints), oxygen administration supplies, OB/GYN supplies, burn supplies, stethoscopes, pen lights, various bleeding control supplies, ample gauze and bandages, hot and cold packs, trauma dressings, pulse oximeters, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a suctioning device, sterile saline, trauma sheers/lister scissors, and some medications, including Epinephrine, Aspirin, Albuterol, Naloxone (Narcan), and Glucose. MERT also has a vehicle to make sure crews get to calls as fast as possible.

What governs the care that patients receive from MERT?

MERT follows NYS Basic Life Support Protocols and Monroe-Livingston’s Region EMS protocols strictly. MERT also follows specific agency protocols as designed by our Medical Director and the University of Rochester.

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