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"For my Quest course, I mounted a photo exhibition as a final project. I chose 'time' as my theme."

Alyssa Daudt '99, a music theory major, is talking about the Quest course she took in her freshman year.

"You think about photographs as capturing a moment in time," she muses. "When you think about time itself, in a sense it's also a string of moments. We move along the string, moment to moment to moment.

"I selected 10 photographs, all of different styles and subjects--each of them seemed to me to have to do with a moment--and arranged them to suggest the passing of time."

A new breed of freshman courses in the College, Quest classes use original source materials rather than textbooks and lectures. Daudt's Quest, "Creative Exhibitions: Exploring Collections," used the famed photographic collection of George Eastman House as its original source material.

With Carl Chiarenza--Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History and a distinguished photographer in his own right--acting as mentor, Daudt and her colleagues were, as Chiarenza puts it, "responsible for a regular weekly pattern of library research, hands-on creative visual process/product activity, risk taking, journal keeping, short paper writing, classroom discussion, and the intense viewing of original artworks in the museum's collection."

"The class was small, and that was great," reports Daudt. "We really got to know one of the best photo collections in the world. And they let us use original photographs from the collection in our projects.

"I had never taken an art history course before--but now it'll be my double major or at least a minor," she says. "It changed the way I see things: Now, everything I look at is art."

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