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Alumni Gazette

  • Conductor of Electricity: Bridget-Michaele Reischl '85E
  • Most Valuable Promoter: Steve Ulrich '78
  • The New Super: Kay McClendon Royster '90W (EdD)
  • Scaling the Heights: Gary Pomerantz '79
  • Star (Trek) Composer: Alexander Courage '41E
  • Animal Farmer: Donald Huene '59M
  • Work Coach: Pamela York Klainer '80 (PhD)

Class Notes

  • Class Acts: Special Achievement
  • In Appreciation: Robert Hopkins Chair
  • Meliorist: Larry Bloch '75, Trustees' Council President
  • Alumni Relations: Neel Family

Books & Recordings
by alumni and faculty

Helena Stolka '86
"Taking Care of Business
in the Czech Republic"

Cat-in-the Hat

Alumni Association Announcements


In Pursuit of the Next Good Question
by Kathy Quinn Thomas

Quest: It's a brand-new category of courses designed to introduce freshmen to the exhilarating ways in which faculty members discover and build knowledge.

by Denise Bolger Kovnat

Back when a million really was a million, industrialist George Eastman built one of the most splendid monuments to music America had ever seen. They called it the Eastman School of Music.

Singing Lessons
by Jan Fitzpatrick

Finding out how the zebra finch learns to sing can teach us a thing or two about human learning and memory, say two Rochester researchers.

Llama in a Taxicab
by Denise Bolger Kovnat

Priest, scholar, and professor, Curt Cadorette has spent much of his life as a missionary in Peru. Now he's Rochester's new Newman Professor, sharing his personal theology of hope and affirmation.

Plato, Socrates, and Ms. Lozeau
by Jan Fitzpatrick

Why is cheating wrong? Because of its consequences, or because it breaks a fundamental rule? Some undergraduates are helping local schoolchildren wrap their minds around such moral puzzlers.

Going On, with Enthusiasm
by Jeremy Schlosberg

John Shantz '55 has multiple sclerosis, a life-altering disease. But rather than let himself be defeated by circumstances, he copes. And he has found a way to help others do the same thing.

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