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For 1997, the Alumni Association has established a new reunion schedule for alumni of undergraduate programs on the River Campus. Here's how plans are shaping up to date.

Classes of 1952, '57, '62, '67, and '72: Alumni from these undergraduate classes--along with members of the Slater Society (1945 and before)--are all invited to the River Campus for a weekend of celebration, June 6-8, 1997.

Classes of '77, '82, '87, and '92 through '96: These River Campus undergraduate classes are cordially invited to a reunion that takes place on Homecoming Weekend, October 17-19, 1997. To date, the schedule includes a number of traditional reunion events as well as the Homecoming football game and the Stonehurst Capital Invitational Regatta. Details will follow in a registration packet, to be mailed next summer. For more information, contact the Alumni Association at (800) 333-0175. In Rochester, the number is (716) 273-5888.

According to Martha McChesney Every '84S (MBA), associate vice president for alumni relations and development, "We find that many of our younger alumni enjoy coming back for Homecoming, while the older classes have enjoyed the more leisurely atmosphere of a June reunion. We can never choose a perfect time for everyone, but we hope that, overall, more alumni will be happy with the new structure."


Alumni in Rochester, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., take part in community-service programs

The last issue of Rochester Review reported on the "nationalization" of a University tradition--Wilson Day, the annual community-service day that honors the late Joseph C. Wilson '31. Wilson was the founder of Xerox, former chairman of the Board of Trustees, a University benefactor, and a community leader.

This year, Wilson Day extended beyond Rochester for the first time ever, reaching communities in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., and involving dozens of alumni in those cities and in Rochester itself. Here's a summary of what took place.

In Rochester: Members of the Rochester Regional Alumni Council joined an "army" of some 800 volunteers--University students, faculty, and staff --who together logged 4,000 hours doing hundreds of jobs at nonprofit agencies throughout the community. Alumni who helped coordinate Wilson Day projects were Sidney Aroesty '74, a member of the Trustees' Council; Jonathan Foster '59; Dee Molinari '58; and Greg Paris '90S (MBA). Because of its scope and ambition, this year's event received coverage on National Public Radio.

In San Francisco: On Saturday, August 31, 15 members of the San Francisco Regional Alumni Council helped build houses in Oakland for Habitat for Humanity. The effort, which council leaders hope will become an annual event, was coordinated by Tom Tshontikidis '85, Jim Gebhardt '92, and Ashley Soper '93. "In the San Francisco area, the most active chapter of Habitat for Humanity is the 'East Bay' group in Oakland," Tshontikidis reports. "Currently, they have nine homes under construction and they're hoping to build a total of 80."

In Washington, D.C.: On October 12, members of the Regional Alumni Council of Greater Washington and Lambda Alumni together volunteered to work on the National Mall while the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt was on display. The effort was organized by Robert Dardano '77, a leader in Lambda Alumni, and Andrea Bourquin Ryan '77N, an honor- ary member of the Trustees' Council. According to Ryan, "The quilt helps call attention to a critical public-health issue--and also helps Americans express their feelings about the thousands of people we've lost to AIDS. We were happy to join in this important effort." In addition, a community-service project in support of "Hearts and Hammers," an organization that helps repair homes for low-income people, was organized by Robert Stone '58, a member of the Trustees' Council.

The "Reach for Rochester" program--providing career-building, well-paying jobs for Rochester undergraduates--is celebrating 10 years of success. Pictured here is Michael Cole '98 with one of his customers, Michael Grakowsky '89, a training specialist with Chase-Pitkin hardware stores. Cole was a Summer Reach intern at Kwikset-Titan Corporation and worked closely with Grakowsky to help train Chase-Pitkin employees who sell Kwikset products. (Two more Rochester connections: Cole's fellow student Devlin Morrison '97 also worked for Kwikset, and Cole's immediate supervisor was William Maher, who is the father of Christopher Maher '96.)

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The Alumni Association is now online! Visit our new Web site to catch up on campus events, get in touch with fellow alumni, browse the Web pages of current students, read the latest University news, contact staff members, learn about events happening near you, and let us know how you're doing.


The officers of the Simon School Alumni Association of Eastman Kodak Employees (left to right): Helen Druce Newman '71, '89S (MBA), secretary, Peter Giles '74S (MBA), chairman, and Laura O'Neill '93S (MBA), treasurer. Vice Chairman Edward White '77, '84S (MBA) is not pictured.

Last year, the Review reported on a new Simon School Alumni Association at Eastman Kodak Company. One year later, this network of 500-plus alumni is active and thriving, with Peter Giles '74S (MBA) as chairman.

Giles, who is vice president and director of corporate commercial affairs at Kodak, sees the organization as beneficial for all groups involved: alumni, Kodak, and the Simon School. "There are more than 500 graduates of the Simon School here at Kodak, which represents a major investment. We're just looking for ways to maximize our return on that very, very large investment--and we believe that the University is a tremendous resource to have in this community."

The new organization--officially, the Simon School Alumni Association of Eastman Kodak Employees--offers alumni opportunities for continuing education and networking. The group also serves to promote the Simon School within Kodak itself--a corporation with some 110,000 employees worldwide (34,000 in the Rochester area alone) and roughly $15 billion in sales.

The other officers of the organization are Edward White '77, '84S (MBA), vice chair; Helen Newman '71, '89S (MBA), secretary; and Laura O'Neill '93S (MBA), treasurer. Serving on the board of directors are Simon MBAs Betty Dean '91S; Leonard Kamenetsky '85S; Norman Karsten '70 (Mas), '82S; Paul McAfee '95S; David McConnell '72S; William Rochford '95S; Robert Seebach '73S; Lynn Siverd '91S; Michael Stoudt '88S; Susan Stoev '90S; and William Thiers '92S.

The group was established in March 1995 and has its own set of bylaws. "There are about 2,000 Simon School alumni in the greater Rochester area-- and nearly one-fifth of them work at Kodak," says Karen Amico, associate director of alumni relations and development for the Simon School. "We find there are few models for this kind of an organization at other institutions. While many alumni groups are based on geographic location, none, to our knowledge, is based on corporate affiliation. And, certainly, none can boast of 500 members!"

To find out more about the organization, call Karen Amico at (716) 275-2495.


Planning the program for the second-annual Stanton-Anthony Conversations: (left to right, standing) Gabriel Ritz, Sheila Geen, Ruth Danis '60, Ursula Reiners '72, and Sally Parker; (seated) Ann Weintraub '60, '69W (Mas), Nan Johnson, and Miriam Rosecan Shapiro '70W (Mas). (Not pictured is Barbara Smith-Williams.)

For two years now, the Susan B. Anthony University Center has sponsored programs highlighting women's achievements, contributions, concerns, and potential. Led by Nan Johnson, adjunct professor of political science, the center serves as an educational resource that furthers the University's commitment to women's equality.

Many alumni actively support the center--serving on its steering committee and advisory council, participating in panel discussions and other presentations, helping to plan events, working as volunteers for special programs, and providing financial support.

Among those on the steering committee are Martha McChesney Every '84S (MBA), Adele Fico-McCarthy '75, Ann Frederick '92, Lois Christianson Giess '63N, Frances Swanton Gotcsik '70 (Mas), Deborah Howe '91 (Mas), Josephine Sciortino Kehoe '59, Jane Stewart O'Donnell '81S (MBA), Lynda Watts Powell '74 (PhD), Beverly Barr Vaughan '56 (Mas), '63 (Mas), Ann Weintraub '60, '69 (Mas), and Annette Forker Weld '89 (PhD). Lois Giess also serves on the center's advisory council, along with alumnae Virginia Dwyer '43, Myra Gelband '71, Karen Noble Hanson '70, Jayne Rand '83, and Fran Weisberg '75.

Among other events, the center sponsors the "Stanton/Anthony Conversations on Contemporary Issues." This year's forum, which took place in October at the Memorial Art Gallery, explored the issue of women and the vote. Also in the fall, the center sponsored a voter-registration drive on campus. In the area of business, an ongoing series, "Working Women: The '90s and Beyond," links undergraduates and professional women in discussions on career and the workplace. Panelists have included entrepreneur Sherry Perry-Tshibangu '75 and Bausch & Lomb executive Barbara McCann Kelley '77.

The center's community-outreach programs include an award-winning effort known as "Women Helping Girls," which brings fifth graders from the Rochester City School District to the River Campus where they join women students for visits to the labs of women scientists and tours of residence halls and athletic facilities. Coming up in July 1998: "Celebrate '98," honoring the 150th anniversary of the first convention for women's rights. To learn more about these and other activities, call the center at (716) 275-8799. The fax number is (716) 242-5810 and the e-mail address is You may also visit the center's home page at


Freshmen and transfer students who are sons and daughters of alumni

Legacy student Vinod Venkatesh of the Class of 2000 and his parents, Savitri Venkatesh '79M (Res) and Balkrishna Venkatesh '88M (Res). Both parents are anesthesiologists and clinical assistant professors at the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Alumni Association warmly welcomes the students listed below--members of the Class of 2000 and transfer students on the River Campus and at the Eastman School, all of whom are sons or daughters of Rochester alumni. We also congratulate their parents who preceded them!

Of this year's freshman class in the College and in the School of Nursing, 50 students out of 900 are children of alumni. At the Eastman School of Music, 6 freshmen out of 135 are legacy students. Additionally, 2 legacy students have transferred to the University this year, out of 177 transfer students (at this writing).

Here's the list of students and their alumni parents, as reported to us in August. If we've missed anyone, please let us know!

Class of 2000--the College and the School of Nursing
James Allen--Robert Allen '73M (MD)
Emily Aronstam--Robert Aronstam '78M (PhD)
Connie Augustine--Barbara Hennings Augustine '72
Iman Bhullar--Pushpinder Bhullar '71 (Mas)
Johanna Buran--James Buran '70, '73 (Mas)
Andrew Burke--Susan Knapp Burke '72
Dana Bushell--David Bushell '68
Eileen Campbell--Susanne Campbell '80N (Mas)
Shani Carty--Fitz-George Carty '73
Mark Cohen--Catharina van der Harst Cohen '95 (Mas) and Nicholas Cohen '66 (PhD)
Sara Courtney--James Courtney '73E (Mas)
Julia Kimble-Dugan--Wendy Kimball-Dugan '74
Sara Eleoff--Katherine Simmons Eleoff '72 and Lawrence Eleoff '71
Heather Florescue--Leonard Florescue '67
John Ginnetti--John Ginnetti '69
Rachel Greene--Elwood Greene '69 and Priscilla Oaks Greene '70N
Brennan Guli--Darry Bridges Guli '76N
Jesse Hallowitz--Robert Hallowitz '66, '70M (MD)
Stephanie Holmes (also enrolled at Eastman)--Lindsay Kelley Holmes '70 (Mas), '83N and Robert Holmes '75 (PhD)
Jonathan Huang--Chiataw Huang '78M (Mas)
Emilie Hyde--William Hyde '69
Sarah Kane--Thomas Kane '83S (MBA)
Kathleen Kelly--Christina Shaver Kelly '72
Lisa Kramer--Charles John Kramer '76 (PhD)
Laura Kroening--Bruce Kroening '82M (Mas)
Alexander Lewko-- Walter Lewko '79M (PhD) and Judith Theriault-Lewko '77 (Mas)
William Mack--David Mack '69
Srigouri Maguluri--Gangaji Maguluri '87 (PhD)
Jeremy McCormick--Charles McCormick '71 and Jennifer Johnson McCormick '72
Lisa Monk--Steven Monk '67
Marguerite Norwood--Suzanne Howe Norwood '71N
John Palermo-- Jeffrey Allen Fink '86M (MD), '91M (Res)
Lisa Paroly--Warren Paroly '68
Amy Pawlak--David Pawlak '75
Sarah Preiser--Gary Preiser '66
Padma Raman--Gita Raman '77M (Res)
Samir Rao--Usha Murty Rao '69 (Mas)
Nayantara Ray--Kalyan Bhusan Ray '81 (PhD)
Heather Richardson--Daniel Richardson '75
Dana Ross--Cynthia Vancott Ross '70 and James Ross '70, '71S (MBA)
Tamara Savrin--Carol Bangs Savrin '71N and Ronald Savrin '70
Neel Saxena--Jitendra Saxena '69 (Mas)
Alexis Spilman--Robert Spilman '65
Stephen Stanton--Sara Stanton '65
Hannah Steinberg--Barbara Steinberg '73S (MBA)
Jennifer Steinberg--Andrew Steinberg '70 and Valerie Ivy Steinberg '70
Nicholas Sze--Karl Sze '75M (Flw)
Jason Tones--Laurie Leenhouts Tones '78
Vinod Venkatesh--Balkrishna Venkatesh '88M (Res) and Savitri Venkatesh '79M (Res)
Ellyn Weinstein--Mark Weinstein '65, '69M (MD)

Class of 2000--Eastman School of Music
Anne Austin--Bruce Austin '71E and Cynthia Palmer Austin '67E
Stephanie Holmes (also enrolled on the River Campus)-- Lindsay Kelley Holmes '70 (Mas), '83N and Robert Holmes '75 (PhD)
Loren Serfass--Joan Denslow Serfass '64E
Ivan Sturm--Fred Sturm '84E (Mas)
Samantha Wittchen--Andrea Pettit Wittchen '76E (Mas)
Matthew Witten--Dean Witten '73E

Transfer Students
Johanna Hobart, Class of 1999 --Raymond Hobart '69
Amy Quinn, Class of 2000-- Leonard Quinn '76

Alumni Councils


To find out more on Regional Alumni Council activities in your area, call the Alumni Association at (800) 281-2055. The Rochester-area number is (716) 273-5894. The e-mail address is and the URL for the Alumni Association home page is


William Farley

William Forsyth

This (left photo) is William Farley '44, while this (right photo) is William Forsyth '44. In a story on the Forsyth family in the last issue of Alumni Review, we ran Farley's photo with Forsyth's name. We regret the error.

If You'd Like to Contact a Classmate or Friend

Please write that person a letter (specifying the individual's name and class year) and send it--in a sealed envelope if you prefer--to the Fairbank Alumni House, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-8993. We will then forward the letter.

Why do we ask this? To protect the privacy of our 78,000 alumni. The Alumni Association does not, without permission, share the addresses or phone numbers of alumni with anyone, including fellow alumni.

In Denver, members of the Colorado Regional Alumni Council sponsored a "Community Service Day" on May 11. Here, Jill Decker '89 (foreground) and Stuart Pack '72 paint the windowsills of a house that they and their fellow alumni helped rehabilitate. Both Decker and Pack, along with Jeff Moore '89 and Jody Morrow Moore '89, were instrumental in setting up their area's new Regional Alumni Council.

At their construction site in Oakland, members of the San Francisco Regional Alumni Council paused for this photo. (Notice the Rochester banner above them. For details, see Wilson Day Goes National.)

In Korea, President Jackson (second from right) posed for a photo session with hosts Doesik Kim '95 (PhD), an associate professor at Kon-Kuk University; Hyo-Gun Kim, formerly a senior scientist at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics and now a professor at Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology and vice president at Kumho Information and Telecommunications Lab; and Chung-Hum Kim '62 (PhD), professor emeritus at Korea University.

In Hong Kong last July during President Jackson's tour of east Asia, Wai Wong '86 (left) and Joseph C. K. Lee '70M (PhD) served as hosts for a gala reception for alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Wong is a director at Wellson Silk Trading Company and Lee is dean of the faculty of medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In Thailand, also during Jackson's east Asian tour, the president thanked Jirapa Casanova for her gift at a University reception. Casanova, who helped plan the reception, is the mother of Caroline Casanova '99 and is managing director of Perfect Timing Company.

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