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Carol Predmore Shields (MS) retired from the Eastman Dental Center in February. A Cornelian cherry tree was planted on the EDC lawn in honor of her more than quarter century's research in analytical chemistry. Her work formed part of the dental research bridge linking the University with Eastman Dental.


Donald Kingston S (MBA) is vice president and regional manager of the Washington, D.C., area metro sales division for Kelly Services, a global provider of staffing services. . . . Jay Gates '70 (MA) is the new director of the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.


Peter De Leeuw S (MBA) has joined Sterling Chemicals, Inc., as president and CEO. He is also a member of the board of directors. . . . Joseph Hart (MA) is the new vicar general and moderator of the Pastoral Center of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester. In this position, he oversees and coordinates the activities of the bishop's staff, works with diocesan consultative bodies, and serves as a bishop's adviser.


Anshoo Gupta '69 (MS), '72S (MBA) is a member of DocuCorp International's board of directors. DocuCorp provides documentation automation software and services.


Harvey Botzman W (Mas) writes bicycle tour guides for his company, Cyclotour Guide Books, based in Rochester. His tour guides include The Finger Lakes Bicycle Tour Guide and 'Round Lake Michigan: A Bicyclist's Tour Guide.


Ross Petty '74, '74S (MBA) (see '74 undergraduate). . . . Thomas Tachovsky (PhD) is vice president of business development at Novavax, Inc., a bio-pharmaceutical drug delivery company.


Frederick Heigold S (MBA) was named corporate vice president for Eastman Kodak. . . . David Pfeiffer (PhD) is resident scholar in the Hawaii University affiliated program on disabilities. He is also visiting scholar in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. . . . Jeffrey Richelson '74 (Mas), '75 (PhD) was published in the February 1998 issue of Scientific American. His article, Scientists in Black, discussed Medea, a group of U.S. scientists who are studying classified documents collected during the Cold War. . . . Joseph T. Willett S (MBA) is chief operating officer of Merrill Lynch Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


Richard Antalek '68, '76S (MBA) (see '68 undergraduate).


William Wong '74, '79 (PhD) (see '74 undergraduate).


Louis Massaro '69, '80S (MBA) (see '69 undergraduate).


Daniel Kokoszka S (MBA) was named portfolio manager for the Global Fixed Income Group at Wells Capital Management. . . . Ujjal Kohli (MS) has joined the board of directors at Athene Software. Kohli is executive vice president of marketing for AirTouch Cellular.


Edward Burke '81, '82S (MBA) (see '81 undergraduate).


Christopher Fallis '81, '83S (MBA) (see '81 undergraduate).


Chris Brophy '84 (PhD) and Laura Weller-Brophy '80, '84 (MS) (see '80 undergraduate). . . . Thomas Guarr '81 (Mas), '84 (PhD) is director of chemical research at Gentex Corp. . . . Mary Lathan McGuire '83, '84S (MBA) (see '83 undergraduate).


Lance Drummond S (MBA) (see Class Acts).


Donald Butler '81 (Mas) '86 (PhD) and Zeynep Celik-Butler '84 (MS) '87 (PhD) are making news for their work on uncooled infrared detection using semiconducting YBaCuO. More information about their work can be found in Photonics Online at . . . Douglas Preiser (MBA) was appointed associate research director of the equity capital markets group at McDonald & Co. Securities, Inc.


Zeynep Celik-Butler '84 (MS), '87 (PhD) (see '86). . . . Jeffery Koester S (MBA) is vice president and general manager for the Americas, at Vicorp, a subsidiary of Precision Systems Co. Vicorp provides telecommunications solutions to service providers and corporations. . . . Laura Weller-Brophy '80, '84 (MS), '87 (PhD) (see '80 undergraduate).


Tony Whitman (MS) e-mails: "I am free-lancing as a consultant in the field of electro-optics and loving it. Free-lancing allows me to participate in a larger variety of cutting-edge technology projects, and spend more time with my wife, Barbara, and our two children, a daughter, age 4, and a son, age 2."


Brian Meath S (MBA) is the assistant general counsel at the Canandaigua Wine Co., the second largest supplier of wines in the U.S. . . . James Wolf S (MBA) has joined Bear Stearns & Co. Inc as a managing director in the high yield research department. He is responsible for covering the financial services sector.


Lisa Conners S (MBA) married Timothy Vogt in July 1997. The couple lives in Bethesda, Md.


Daniel Lazarek S (MBA) has joined WorldPort Communications, Inc. as vice president of global sales and marketing. He will be responsible for global development of WorldPort's sales and marketing organization in the United States and Europe. . . . Gary Niederpruem S (MBA) is president of Ryerson Central, a regional business unit of Ryerson Tull, Inc., North America's largest distributor and processor of metals. Ryerson Central is based in Chicago, operating 14 service centers in the midwest and southwestern United States. . . . Michael O'Brien S (MBA) is manager for laser communications at Image Acquisition Systems, a business center within Eastman Kodak Co.'s Commercial & Government Systems Unit.


Michael Chavanne '91, '92S (MBA) (see '91 undergraduate). . . . Travis Miller '91, '92 (MS) (see '91 undergraduate).


Rebecca Wennergren '94, '95 (MS) (see '94 undergraduate). . . . Pat Woitach '80, '95S (MBA) (see '80 undergraduate).


Maura McGinnity-Rausch '87, '96S (MBA) (see '87 undergraduate). . . . Peter Sala S (MBA) is general manager of Steril (Schweiz) AG, a new company based in Basel, Switzerland, that specializes in serving the pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals industries.


Maria Aguirre '90, '97 (MS) (see '90 undergraduate). . . . Christian Andreach (MBA) married Courtney Cournan on February 7. He is a financial analyst at Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati. . . . Jennifer Majewski (MBA) married Michael Bacci on September 27, 1997. Jennifer is a special sections coordinator at the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in Rochester. . . . Angelo Ponticello '92, '97S (MBA) (see '92 undergraduate). . . . Erik Rausch '90, '97W (Mas) (see '87 undergraduate). . . . Susan Shu S (MS), a doctoral candidate at the University, is the recipient of a 1998 Doctoral Fellowship in Accounting Award from the Deloitte & Touche Foundation. Shu will receive $20,000 over a two year period toward her doctoral degree in accounting . . . . Peter Simpson '92, '97S (MBA) (see '92 undergraduate).


Pamela Merrick S (MBA), senior manager of business valuation services at Brovitz Insero Kasperski & Co., P.C., has received her designation as an accredited senior appraiser from the American Society of Appraisers. Brovitz Insero Kasperski & Co., P.C., is an independent certified public accounting firm located in Rochester.

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