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Editor's note: We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone's death. Please write to the Alumni Association, University of Rochester, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Box 278993, Rochester, NY 14627-8993. The e-mail address is


Berenice Torpy Meckfessel '23, April 1998

Elizabeth Hazeltine Gibaud '26, March 1998

Carl E. Ernst '27, November 1996

J. Howard Garnish '27, February 1998

Lucile Miller VanDelinder '27, '59 (Mas), October 1997

Francis Abercromb Freeland '28, September 1995

Elizabeth Henderson Burt '29, October 1987

Beatrice McGrath McCaffery '29, '30 (Mas), October 1997

Harriet Harris McCulloch '29, February 1998

Marion Herriman Barrows '30, '43 (Mas), October 1997

Henry Freeman '30, November 1997

Alan M. Glover '30, '35 (PhD), December 1997

Joseph J. Kaufman '30, January 1998

Vera Allen Kubik '30, January 1989

Doris Savage May '30, December 1997

Edith Bueg Olmstead '30, February 1998

Hilda Sachs Black '31, February 1998

Lila Scarborough Andrews '32, August 1994

Edythe Farnham Ely '32, November 1997

J. Stanley King '32, '37E (Mas), August 1997

Esther Christian Lawton '32, February 1998

Walter H. Wright '32, February 1998

Jerome P. Davidson '33, June 1996

Hazel Sampson Duncan '33, February 1998

Mary F. Fisher '33, March 1998

Kurt Frederick '33, '34E (Mas), December 1997

Oscar E. Minor '33, January 1998

Howard J. Mosher '33, July 1996

Frank Mario Meola '34, February 1997

Frank J. Valente '34, October 1997

Basil G. Bibby '35, '79 (Mas), February 1998

Elizabeth Prentice Cassidy '35, December 1997

Mary Burns Grice '35, March 1998

John P. Lee '35, December 1997

Frederick Hilary '36, February 1998

Lorna Snyder Horneland '36, December 1996

William F. Lacey '36, February 1998

Anne Cohen Melman '36, July 1997

Otto E. Schaefer '36, March 1998

Robert B. Shetterly '36, August 1997

Maurice Wilder, Jr. '36, February 1998

Dorothy E. Knight Jones '37, December 1997

Jane Gorsline Wagner '37, February 1998

Mary H. Bechtold '38, May 1997

Joseph L. Caliri '38, April 1998

Paul J. Christiansen '38, December 1997

Robert H. Kaley '38, November 1997

Mary E. Jones Laporte '39, October 1997

Elmer Meacham '39, February 1998

James Pennoyer III '39, September 1997

Betty Aul Borton '40, '41 (Mas), March 1997

Byron Nelson Darnell '40, October 1997

William Gay '40, September 1997

Milton John Shetler '40, December 1997

Randal M. Tobutt '40, October 1997

Harriet VanHorne-Lowe '40, January 1998

Marion Kenyon Herzog '41, December 1997

Richard T. Kennedy '41, January 1998

William F. Osseck '41, '42E (Mas), September 1997

Myron L. Pardee '41, July 1997

Alfred Willis Harder '42, October 1993

Arlene Enderlin Grevenow '43, October 1997

Betty Briggs Stevenson '43, March 1998

Madeleine Spitz August '44, November 1997

Jacob Eugene Gair '44, January 1998

Kathryn Kirk Jessup '44, '48E (Mas), March 1998

Ruth Griffin Neal '44, December 1997

Virginia Brayer Mack '45, April 1998

Geraldine Ann Ball '46, '62, December 1996

Mark O. Camp '46, November 1997

Gail Boyd Rounce DeStwolinski '46, '66E (Mas), July 1996

Walter T. Maxwell '46, October 1997

John R. Melin '46, February 1998

Beverly Field Splittberger '46, July 1997

William J. Finn '47, November 1997

Frank J. Dowd, Jr. '48, '57 (Mas), November 1997

Robert C. Fales '48, August 1997

Ernest F. Livingstone '48, '49E,'62E (PhD), November 1997

Harold E. Paddock '48, December 1997

W. Wentworth Slobbe '48, April 1998

Evelyn Aultfather Allen '49, December 1996

Charles Emerson Boddie '49, October 1997

Audrey Anderson Gurnee '49, January 1997

Everett Ramon Johnson '49, December 1997

Robert Phelps Kennedy, Jr. '49, September 1997

Joseph D. Kepes '49, September 1997

Harold J. Lee '49, March 1998

Ruth Tahara Yasutake '49, March 1998

George I. McKelvey '50, '58 (Mas), January 1998

Alan H. Miller '50, December 1997

William A. Small '50, '58 (PhD), November 1997

S. Eliot Breneiser '51, February 1998

Nancy Picioni Payette '51, October 1997

Lorenzo B. Vought '51, February 1998

Newell W. Britt '52, September 1997

George R. Naas '52, November 1997

William E. Kriegsman '53, February 1998

William D. Lockwood '53, November 1997

Eugene C. Russell '53, January 1998

Dorothy Helen Vawter Winter '53, September 1993

Frank W. Hetherington '54, '64 (Mas), February 1998

Theodore Schulman '54, March 1997

Anne Harrison Stevens '54, '55, August 1997

Daniel Wallace Winter '54, August 1996

Caroline Fenyvessy McEvoy '55, '56 (Mas), March 1998

Freda Wilson Berwick '56, January 1998

Frank W. Lidral '56, March 1998

Carol Hemmings Like '56, February 1998

Kathleen Bear Barnes '57, January 1998

Philip R. Trapani '57, November 1997

Anne Elisabeth Eggleston '58, March 1995

Bruce A. Bodine '59, January 1998

Robert H. Fortiner '59, January 1998

Leo J. Holmsten '59, '63 (Mas), November 1997

Barbara Marks Oss '59, '62 (Mas), October 1996

John Sherman Taub '59, April 1998

Patricia Gurney McFadden Bates '60, December 1997

Frank A. Bencriscutto '60, August 1997

Lawrence Bruce Holmes '60, '65 (Mas), January 1998

Raymond C. Perry '60, September 1997

Sarkis K. Tchejeyan '62, December 1997

Lyle W. Luce '63, September 1997

Frank Pollatta '64, November 1966

Kenneth L. Russ '65, December 1996

Jerome F. Beekman '68, October 1997

Barbara Jean Mayer Barish '70, December 1997

John S. Hayes '71, May 1997

Joseph R. Winters '73, '75 (Mas), November 1997

Gene Vrooman Albin '75, October 1997

Ronald Lee Glass '75, July 1997

Donald C. Burr '77, January 1998

Charles Lloyd Wildman '84, May 1997

David K. Laniak '85, December 1997

William Allen Sheftic '90, April 1998

Paul Scribner '97, October 1997


Leo Abood, a professor of pharmacology and biochemistry at the Medical School, died in January. He was 76.

Abood joined the University in 1965. For more than four decades, he conducted innovative research on the effect of drugs on the brain's metabolic pathways. He had most recently synthesized an irreversible agent for nicotine receptors in the brain and had been exploring its potential as a possible therapeutic agent for Alzheimer's disease. Abood was involved in creating the Center for Brain Research, through which Rochester became only the second university in the country to grant a doctorate in neuroscience.

Basil Glover Bibby, former director of the Eastman Dental Center, died in February at the age of 93. Bibby earned a Ph.D. in bacteriology in 1930 as a Rockefeller Dental Fellow at the University. While director of Eastman Dental Center from 1947 to 1970, Bibby advanced dentistry as a biologic discipline at a time when other leaders in dental education were technically oriented. Under his watch, Eastman Dental's graduate programs in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and general dentistry achieved international distinction.

Robert France, former vice president for planning and director of budgets, died April 12 at age 78. For many years, he had suffered from Parkinson's disease.

During his 31 years at the University, France taught economics and served in administrative posts. He joined the faculty in 1956, becoming a full professor in 1962. He was associate dean for graduate studies in the College of Arts and Science, acting dean of the College, associate provost, and vice president for planning and director of budgets from 1970 to 1987.

Anna Kaskas Lokot, professor emerita of voice at the Eastman School, died in March at her home in Wellsboro, Pa. She was 91.

Kaskas Lokot had an illustrious 14-year career with the New York Metropolitan Opera in the 1930s and '40s, performing in 52 contralto and mezzo-soprano roles and as a guest artist with major orchestras. In the 1950s, she toured the country under the sponsorship of Columbia Artists, receiving rave reviews.

Kaskas Lokot joined the Eastman faculty in 1959 and chaired the voice department for three years in the 1960s. Upon her retirement in 1974, she was named professor emerita.

William H. Meckling, dean emeritus of the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, died Friday, May 15, in Rancho Sante Fe, California, after an extended illness. He was 76.

Meckling was the second dean of the Simon School, then known as the College of Business Administration and later as the Graduate School of Management, serving from 1964 to 1983. He led the school from a small evening and undergraduate institution to a graduate institution of national stature.

Meckling began to build a powerful, influential faculty, some of whom still teach at the Simon School, and he initiated many of the school's fundamental components: the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration and the Executive Development Program, among others. Under his leadership, the School first earned accreditation for the M.B.A. program from the AACSB, The International Association for Management Education and became a member of The Consortium For Graduate Study in Management, enhancing educational opportunities for minorities.

During his tenure as dean, Meckling was also responsible for establishing the school's Center for Research in Government Policy and Business (now known as the Bradley Policy Research Center), which provides a public forum for continued critical examination and appraisal of a variety of public policy issues.

Meckling retired as dean and James E. Gleason Distinguished Research Scholar in Management and Government Policy in 1983, and moved with his wife, Rebecca, to California

Clifford B. Reifler, professor emeritus of psychiatry and director emeritus of the University Health Service, died in May after a long illness. He was 66.

He was director of the University Health Service from 1970 until his retirement in 1994, and over the years had held faculty appointments in psychiatry, family services, and preventive, family, and rehabilitation medicine. He served as the University's interim vice president for student affairs in 1980­81, and served as medical director of Strong Memorial Hospital and senior associate dean for clinical affairs of the Medical Center from 1983 to 1985.

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