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ochester's 150th anniversary in 2000 will be celebrated in each of the following metropolitan areas. Stay tuned for details!

Gwen Meltzer Greene '65, president of the Trustees' Council, together with the 51 Council members, will oversee the regional celebration. Trustee Joe Mack '55 is the overall chair of the Sesqui.

For Rochester-area alumni, there will be plenty going on right here in River City too. An exciting 18-month plan is being designed, with a spectacular Charter Weekend celebration (October 12-15, 2000) as the apex. All alumni (world wide!) are encouraged to attend. David Mack '69 is chairing the Rochester Community Committee.

Anyone with ideas for celebrating the Sesquicentennial should contact Betsy Balling at the Fairbank Alumni House, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY, 14620. Telephone (800) 333-0175. In Rochester call (716) 273-5920. E-mail

Sesqui slinky: Classmates Lara Williams Bauman '93 and Tracey Taylor '93 play with the souvenir slinky given to returning alumni during Reunion-Homecoming weekend in October. The slinky promotes the University's upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration in 2000.


The Asian crisis. The collapse of the ruble. Decisions based on real-time information.

Can anyone mix business with pleasure anymore?

Mais oui, if you're a Rochester graduate. The Simon School invites all University alumni to participate in the school's first Paris reunion coming up this spring. Featuring an M.B.A. Update Course presented by Simon School faculty, the event is scheduled for March 22-25 at Le Meridien Montparnasse.

All Europe-based alumni will receive brochures and invitations; interested alumni world wide are encouraged to attend and will be sent invitations on request. Special events and tours will be arranged for families of alumni.

For more information, call Jane Tibbitts, (716) 275-9176, or e-mail her at


New members who have joined the Trustees' Council of the College in recent months are these:

Edward J. Ackley '53, Pittsford, N.Y., owner of the Filter Store, Mendon, N.Y., and former CEO of the Consler Corp.

Sandra Franklin Holmes '61, Landrum, S.C., formerly with IBM, from which she has now retired.

Peter B. Heinrich '60, Canandaigua, N.Y., owner and operator of the Lodge at Woodcliff and the Daisy Flour Mill.

Edgar Acton Smith '72, Great Falls, Va., director of regulatory affairs at Litton Industries, Inc.

The new members will serve three-year terms. The Trustees' Council of the College is the senior advisory board to the College.

Alumni Councils

Dandelion Day isn't just for the River Campus anymore. The New York City Regional Alumni Council hosted a pub crawl through the city on April 25, with stops at Boomers, the Gin Mill, and Jake's Dilemma. (Maybe someone can tell us just what his dilemma is--or is it best not to know?)

A hardy Philadelphia contingent came out for an ice skating party at Penn's Landing organized for local alumni by Marcie Etscovitz '92, right. They look like winter agrees with them!

In Chicago last spring at an event hosted by the Regional Council are Bob Woods '42 and President Jackson.

In Rochester's Hoyt Hall, psychology professor Richard Ryan talked about the psychology of sports and exercise at the first of this year's Wednesday Evening Lectures sponsored by the Alumni Association and the University of Rochester Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

A gorgeous Rochester July saw the Fifth Annual University of Rochester Invitational Golf Tournament at Bristol Harbor. From left to right at the tournament: Marcia Sheehe Zornow '59, '65W (Mas), Ted Zornow '59, John Braund '53, '61W (Mas), and Jim Quarfot.


With organizations in major American cities and around the world, the Regional Alumni Councils offer a range of opportunities for alumni to become involved with the College, including community service activities, student recruitment, social events, fundraising efforts, career networking, and reunion planning. For details in your area, call Terry Gurnett '77, at the Alumni Association, (800) 281-2055. The Rochester-area number is (716) 273-5888. The e-mail address is, and the URL for the Alumni Association Web site is


Patricia Gallant Wasserman '71

When Patricia Gallant Wasserman '71 entered Rochester, chances are some of her fellow students were wearing some of those newfangled platform shoes. When her daughter Leah entered the University this fall as a member of the Class of 2002, women students were once again wearing those platform shoes along with their newly revived bell-bottom jeans. What goes around definitely comes around, including new generations of alumni families.

Leah Wasserman

Leah is the third generation in the family to become a Rochester student. Her grandparents, the late Leonard Gallant and Dorothy Levy Gallant '43, both attended the University. Other family alumni include uncles and aunts Andrew Gallant '69 and Janet Bernstein Gallant '70, and James Gallant '73M (MD) and Janice Matson Gallant '73.

"Leah is excited to be so well connected to the University of Rochester," writes mom Patricia.

Here's a list of other alumni offspring entering the College this fall, along with their parents, as reported to us in September. If we've missed anyone, please let us know!

Abrams, Matthew--Joseph Abrams '74S (MBA)

Aglietti, Rachel--Susan Burke Aglietti '66

Anaizi, Amjad--Dr. Nasr Hamed Anaizi '82 (PhD)

Armstrong-Brown, Janelle--Sonya Armstrong '97 (PhD)

Beagley, Starbuck--Daniel Beagley '85S (MBA)

Blenner, Matthew--Barry Blenner '71

Bock, Daniel--Richard Bock

Bonino, Christopher--Samuel Bonino '72 (Mas)

Branower, Joshua--Andrew Branower '70

Braunstein, William--Marc '75 and Claudia Rothchild Braunstein '74

Calman, Kurt--Diane Calman

Caplan, Laura--Steven Caplan '75M (MD), '77M (Res)

Chiao, Leo and Max--Wen '77 (PhD) and Yu-Chih '76 (PhD) Chiao

Delaney, G. William--Gerald Delaney '71 (Mas), '80S (MBA)

Dillaway, Sierra--Gail Dillaway '69

Dugan, Louise--Wendy Kimble-Dugan '74

Enders, Laramy--Sandra Enders '89 (Mas)

Epstein, Shoshanna--David Epstein '71, '72S (MBA)

Gabbai, Marco--Jacques '75 (Mas) and Mary Goodenow Gabbai '72

Gombert, Sara--Laurie Liskin '71

Hafner, John--James Hafner '65S (MBA)

Hakiel, Elizabeth--Zbigniew Hakiel '77, '89 (PhD)

Hammond, Paul--Gary Hammond '78

Hesterman, Jacob--Peter Hesterman '78E (PhD)

Hollander, Jamie--Jeffrey Hollander '60E, '61E (Mas)

Hoskins, Jason--James Hoskins '74E

Izenstein, Charles--Paula Algranati '72

Jacobs, Aaron--Stephen '70, '76 (PhD) and Leslie Harris Jacobs '71, '75 (Mas)

Jones, Leslye--Rhonda S. Jones '72

Kalburgi, Sonal--Ashok Kalburgi '83S (MBA)

Kim, Jeffrey--Shin Seung Kim '72 (Mas)

King, Andrew--Earle '72E and Paula Hunsicker King '72E (Mas)

Lay, Michelle--Yunan Lay '81 (Mas)

Lin, Wincheng--Ying-Wei Lin '74 (PhD)

Liu, Nathaniel--James Liu '81 Res

Lowell, Julie--Jonathan '70 and Margaret Trani Lowell '72N

Meltzer, Cassie--Richard '69 and Judith Levy Meltzer '69

Morris, David--Mark Morris '79 (Mas), '95S (MBA)

Mueller, Benjamin--Ann Winn-Mueller '71

Niswander, Craig--Richard Niswander '72 and Barbara Lewis Stafford '72

Norris, Erica--Gregory Norris '73, '79S (MBA)

Petrondas, Stella--Demetrios Petrondas '82 (PhD), '84 Res

Rao, Sonaly--Satish Rao '69 (Mas)

Robbins, Jonathan--Anna Greenbaum Robbins '68

Rosen, Seth--Richard '69 and Ann Gold Rosen '70

Ruskin, David--Paul Ruskin '74

Solomon, Alan--Elizabeth Kraus Solomon '70, '73 (Mas)

Strumpf, Michael--Hal Strumpf '65

Strychalski, Elizabeth --Hideki Sugiyama '82S (MBA)

Taylor, Tiffany--Richard Taylor

Vitek, Daniel--George Vitek '81M (Res)

Warren, T. Camber--Patti Gupton Warren '80N

Wasserman, Leah--Patricia Gallant Wasserman '71

Whitfield, T'hani--Lawrence Whitfield

Yao, Kairu--Meng-Chao Yao '76 (PhD)

Zeldis, Beth--Steven Zeldis '68

An insider's look at Wall Street: Ronald Fielding '73, '76S (MBA), senior vice president of the Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.; University trustee Martin Messinger '49, general partner, Neuberger & Berman; and Professor of Economics Alan Stockman shared some of their expertise with some 140 Rochester-area alumni in a presentation last spring. That's Terry Gurnett '77, director of regional programs in the office of Alumni Relations and Development, at the lectern introducing the panel. (For more on Messinger--and to find out why the periodical reading room at Rush Rhees Library is being renamed in his honor--see In Review.)


If you would like the Alumni Association's help in contacting a classmate or friend, please write that person a letter (specifying the individual's name and class year) and send it--in a sealed envelope if you prefer--to the Fairbank Alumni House, University of Rochester, P.O. Box 278993, Rochester, NY 14627-8993. We will then forward the letter.

We forward these requests to protect the privacy of our 79,000 alumni. The Alumni Association does not, without permission, share the addresses or phone numbers of alumni with anyone, including fellow alumni.

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