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Olivier Sartor '89 and fiancée Jennifer Luce '91

Olivier Sartor '89 has been raising the bar when it comes to leading a local alumni council. Active in the Alumni Association since graduation, Sartor has been president of the Boston Council for the past two years.

The group, which can draw on about 4,000 alumni within 100 miles of Fenway Park, is "by far the most active Alumni Council in the country," says Terry Gurnett of Alumni Relations and Development.

The Boston Council has more than a dozen events--including a Super Bowl party, a Boston Marathon cookout, and trips to Red Sox games--scheduled for alumni to take part in during 1999, not counting regular meetings every other month.

Sartor says about 800 alumni attend the events over the course of the year.

"We really try to make the events easy opportunities to get back in touch with other alumni, classmates, and with the University," he says. "The connections that we help foster are very important on many different levels."

The Boston Council was the first to create an e-mail distribution list and now has 250 alumni subscribed, keeping in touch and up-to-date on University and alumni events. To contact the Boston Council, send e-mail to:

"Councils serve an important function as a social organization, and we want to leverage that role--using new technology is one way--into an even more positive experience for alumni and for the University," Sartor says.

Says Gurnett: "Olivier has shown great energy and enthusiasm in organizing the council. Boston is the prototype for what we would like Alumni Councils to become."

"It has been very rewarding to build on the accomplishments of past members and exciting to work with our current group," Sartor says.

Other council officers and members include:

Elizabeth Cogliano Young '92, vice president; Holly Kent '93, director of events; Frank Lallos '92, '93S (MBA), director
of Simon School relations; Eileen LeBlanc '92, director of University relations; Don Peters '62, Trustees Council of the College; John Iovieno '90, chairman emeritus; Jamie Wood '85, chairwoman emeritus; Amy Goldstein '87; Lisa Lappin '96; Steven Mortimer '94; and Mary Ruhl '93.

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