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Fall 2000
Vol. 63, No. 1

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Class Notes--Graduate


Mildred Newhall O'Laughlin W (MS) (see '43 undergraduate).


John Murphy (MS) (see '50 undergraduate).


Alexander Stoesen (MA) took part in a Habitat for Humanity mission in Honduras during the last two weeks of February. The group put up two concrete-block houses in downtown San Pedro Sula, the second-largest city in that country.


Richard McCloskey (MS), '60M (MD) (see '60 medicine and dentistry).


Michael Hercher (PhD) (see '56 undergraduate).


Jim Miles W (MS), a business teacher at Pittsford (N.Y.) Sutherland High School, received the National Business Education Association's Secondary Teacher of the Year Award. He also teaches at Monroe Community College and in the Pittsford district's adult education program.


John Carosella (MS) has been named senior vice president at JMAR Technologies, Inc. The San Diego company provides optical-based precision microtechnology products. . . . Anshoo Gupta (MS) '72S (MBA) has joined the board of directors of Altamira Group, a Burbank, Calif., developer of advanced imaging technology.


After a 31-year career including clinical practice, education, and administration, Douglas Mace (PhD) has retired from the V.A. health care system. His most recent position was as associate chief of staff for education at the Stratton V.A. Medical Center in Albany, N.Y. He plans to expand his organizational consulting business, focusing on quality improvements and team development work.


John Bassett (PhD), dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, has been named president of Clark University in Worcester, Mass. . . . Martin Lacoff (MBA) has been named to the board of directors of Fortune Natural Resources Corp. Headquartered in Houston, the company is an independent oil and gas exploration and production business. Lacoff is the president of M&C Consulting, Inc., a financial consulting company.


Michael Braun S (MBA) (see '71 undergraduate).


John Borchardt (PhD) e-mails that his first book, Career Management for Scientists and Engineers, was published by Oxford Press in March. The author of more than 300 magazine and newspaper articles on job hunting, career management, medicine, the history of science, computers, and e-commerce, Borchardt is an industrial chemist/senior group leader at a company owned by Tomah Products. . . . Joseph Citro (PhD) (see '62 undergraduate). . . . J. L. (Jack) Davies S (MBA) (see '72 undergraduate). . . . Anil Jain (PhD) is chairman and CEO of APA Optics, a company that specializes in developing products that increase the amount of information that can pass through a fiber-optic line.


Giles Fontaine (PhD), professor of astronomy at the University of Montreal, received the Carlyle S. Beals Prize from his colleagues for his lifetime achievement in the field of astronomy. A member of the first research team to discover pulsating stars, Fontaine also was a member of the 1987 team that approximated the age of the universe by studying stars known as white dwarves. . . . Paul Horn (PhD), senior vice president and director of IBM Research, was named to the strategic advisory board of meVC, a venture-capital investment management company in San Francisco.


Frederick Heigold S (MBA) has been named co-CEO of a new joint venture created by Eastman Kodak and Hewlett-Packard companies. The new venture will develop digital inkjet photo-finishing equipment and supplies for traditional photographic film and digital files. . . . Maurice Homes (MS), co-director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Innovation in Product Development, has been named to the board of directors of Structural Dynamics Research Corp., an e-business consulting and engineering company in Cincinnati. . . . Carl Sassano S (MBA) was part of a team that announced the formation of a strategic partnership between Bausch & Lomb and the University last spring. Called the Alliance for Vision Excellence, the clinical and academic research collaboration is dedicated to improving the technology, techniques, and products used to correct vision-impairing anomalies.


Mitch McKenney S (MBA) (see '75 undergraduate). . . . James Otten (PhD) has been named president and chief operating officer of Argosy Education Group, Inc., the owner and operator of four school groups--the American Schools of Professional Psychology, the University of Sarasota (Fla.), the Medical Institute of Minnesota, and PrimeTech Institute--which together have 17 campuses in nine states and Ontario, Canada. Argosy also manages John Marshall Law School of Atlanta.


Kenneth Shulman (MS) has been appointed chief technology officer at Broadview Networks, a facilities-based integrated communications provider with target markets in the Northeast.


John Langer S (MBA) has been named a sales manager in the the offices of Buffalo Financial Associates. The Buffalo firm is a broker for Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co.


Mary Anne Maher Staffeldt (PhD) was one of the 11 recipients of the New Mexico State University Donald C. Roush Award for Teaching Excellence. She is an associate professor of industrial engineering on the university's main campus in Las Cruces.


Dennis Curran (PhD), the Bayer Professor of Chemistry and a Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, received the American Chemical Society Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry for his work in finding new ways to make molecules used as anti-cancer drugs. . . . Rick Rashid (PhD), who has been named senior vice president at Microsoft Corp., is the force behind the company's new Internet space-war game called Allegiance, according to a Februrary story in The New York Times.


Donald Strickland (MS), executive vice president at Internet Pictures Corp., has been named to head the company's business systems division.


Bruce Berkowitz (PhD) is co-author of Best Truth: Intelligence in the Information Age, released in April by Yale University Press. The book explores how the U.S. intelligence community must adapt and change to meet the challenges brought about by the information age and the post-Soviet world. Founder and president of the Space Technology Development Corp., as well as a senior consultant at Rand, Berkowitz has served as an intelligence analyst for the CIA and as a professional staff member on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. . . . Bernt Hoppert S (MBA) has been named vice president of operations and quality control for Deposition Sciences, a subsidiary of Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc.


Several friends of Linda J. Flowers (PhD) wrote to report that Flowers died in January after a long battle with colon cancer. Flowers was a professor of English at North Carolina Wesleyan University in Rocky Mount, N.C., and she had served on the North Carolina Humanities Council. . . . Peter J. M. Hudson S (MBA) has joined the management consulting firm Renaissance Partners, L.C., as principal and international practice leader in south Florida. . . . Craig Sheetz S (MBA) has joined Logix Communications Enterprises, Inc., of Oklahoma City, Okla., as executive vice president and chief financial officer. Logix provides information technology and telecommunications services to businesses in the Southwest.


Robert Bianchi S (MBA) has been named vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Par Technology Corp. Located in New Hartford, N.Y., the company specializes in professional services and software for the quick service restaurant market. . . . Joyce Eckart W (EdD), assistant professor of education at Queens College of Charlotte, N.C., received the school's Fuqua Distinguished Educator Award for her mastery of subject material, outstanding teaching techniques, and personal commitment to helping students succeed. . . . Wesley Simpson S (MBA) has joined VBrick Systems of Wallingford, Conn., as chief operating officer. VBrick Systems designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance audio/video networking systems for broadband and wideband networks.


Sam Narotsky S (MBA) (see '80 undergraduate). . . . George Nassis W (Mas) (see '83 undergraduate).


Mark Russo (MS) (see '85 undergraduate).


Ashley Barbour (PhD) married Jessica Wolfe on June 4, 2000, in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Ashley is a professor of English, specializing in Renaissance literature, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Peg Havens S (MBA) was one of 15 nominees for Rochester's 2000 Athena Award. The honor is presented annually by the Greater Rochester Metro Chamber of Commerce, Inc.'s Women's Council to a woman who has made a difference in both her business and community, and has provided leadership for other women. Havens is director for consumer/small-business market management at Global Crossing Ltd. . . . Mary Jo Nowak (MS) writes that she lives in Rochester, where she is senior manager for international regulatory affairs at Celltech Medeva Pharmaceuticals. . . . Walter Silva S (MBA) has been named vice president for client services for Latin America at iXL Enterprises, Inc., an Atlanta-based e-commerce engineering and consulting firm.


Robert (Bert) Plant (PhD) writes that he has been appointed CEO of Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth, a 98-bed children's psychiatry facility in Middletown, Conn. He and his wife, Laura, have twin sons, Ben and Colin, and a daughter, Rachel.


Nithya Ruff S (MBA) has joined Tripwire, Inc., of Portland, Oreg., as director of product marketing. Tripwire is a software company specializing in Internet infrastructure security and assessment software.


Travis Miller (MS) (see '91 undergraduate). . . . Diana Robinson (PhD), a specialist in coaching successful executives who do not feel that their personal lives live up to their professional success, has been named president of the Rochester chapter of the International Coach Federation. She is the author of more than 100 coaching tips and top 10 lists used by Coach University and is working on a book. . . . Robert Swartout S (MBA) (see '83 undergraduate).


Manoj Garg S (MBA) has been named chief information officer at WebEx, a San Jose, Calif., company specializing in interactive multimedia communications. . . . Laura Mellberg (MS) (see '91 undergraduate).


Bill Diehl S (MS) has been named director of project management at ObjectStream, Inc. The Pleasanton, Calif., company provides computer networking services and equipment for electronic commerce. . . . Donald Kerwin S (MBA) married Heidi Wollschleger on October 23 in Brighton, N.Y. Donald owns Hunter Enterprises, an energy/engineering consulting firm in Rochester. . . . Jon Minken (MS) (see '93 undergraduate). . . . Nelma Pineda S (MBA) has been named purchasing/materials manager for Koch Air in Evansville, Ind. . . . Ronald Pratt (PhD) (see '89 undergraduate).


Nicole Bernard (MS) (see '93 undergraduate). . . . Michael Stone S (MBA) has been named vice president of sales and marketing for Schick Technologies, located in Long Island City, N.Y. The company specializes in instant high-resolution radiographs used by the medical and dental industries. . . . Paul Stump S (MBA) (see '97 undergraduate).


Lauren Jacobitti S (MBA) (see '90 undergraduate).


Glenn Jackling S (MBA) has been named president of CPAC, Inc.'s Cleaning Technologies Group, which manufactures and markets commercial cleaning products under the Franklin Cleaning Technology, Fuller Brush Commercial, and Masury-Columbia brands. He is based at the company's corporate office in Leicester, N.Y. . . . Steven Leonardo S (MBA) married Janice Smith on October 16, 1999, in Irondequoit, N.Y. He is an accounting manager at Harris Corp. in Rochester. . . . My Lien Nguyen (MS) successfully completed the "Face of America Challenge Ride" as a member of the West team. The event's goal is to demonstrate that all people, regardless of disability or ethnicity, can be physically fit, full participants in society. My Lien is a Ph.D. student in the botany program at the University of Hawaii.

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