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Fall 2000
Vol. 63, No. 1

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Class Notes--Im Memoriam


Editor's note: We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone's death. Please write to the Alumni Association, University of Rochester, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. The e-mail address is

Irving A. Feinstein '27, February 1999
Milton V. Pullen '28, '40 (Mas), September 1999
Abram R. Boone '29E, '58E (MM), May 2000
Frank A. Clement '29E, '50W (Mas), February 2000
Dorothy Wellington McIlroy '29, '29 (Mas), December 1999
Guinevere Clarkson Curtiss '30, January 2000
Samuel I. Grossfield '30, May 2000
Dorothee Kellner Schwartz '30, March 2000
Rosamond Tanner Albert '31E, December 1999
Dorothy Maier Cox '31, March 2000
Flora Trimble Hill '31E, April 1991
John E. Raaf, Sr. '31M (Res), April 2000
Catherine Urlass Gorton '32E, March 2000
Laura Putnam Rein '32E, February 2000
Theodore A. Russell '32 (Mas), '35 (PhD), January 2000
Jerome C. Smith '32E, March 2000
Vincent Alessi '33, May 2000
Virginia Sellers Hornberger '33E, October 1999
Gladys Little McGuire '33, January 2000
Beth Miller Harrod '33E, '39E (Mas), April 2000
Carroll P. Smith '33, February 2000
Russell Baum '34E, '35E (Mas), January 2000
Frances Smith Castle '34, March 1999
Katharine Philips Dutton '34E, April 1999
Ruth Fix Posner '34E, January 2000
Helen Kress Rogers '34, February 2000
Mary J. Stephenson '34, July 1999
Gordon Stewart '34, December 1999
Helen W. Stewart '34, April 2000
Frances Earl Albaugh '35, April 2000
Christine Kamola Krasz '35E, January 2000
Lawrence F. Luescher '35, December 1999
Leonard M. McGuigan '35M (MD), September 1995
Charles L. Ringe, Jr. '35M (MD), February 2000
Gladys Lehr Treichel '35, February 2000
William H. Zimmerli '35, April 2000
S. Arthur Localio '36M (MD), March 2000
Dorothy Widmer Mulcock '36N, March 2000
Wilbur S. Buholtz '37, March 2000
Jeana Black Graham '37E, February 2000
Ralph A. Kelly '37, March 2000
William H. Moll '37, June 1999
Roland E. Stevens, Jr. '37M (MD), February 2000
F. Parker Taylor '37E, December 1999
H. Frederick Wendt '37, January 2000
Thomas B. Griffith '38, February 1999
Elizabeth Lusk Griswold '38, March 2000
Gerald G. M. Ingraham '38E, November 1998
Chester D. Mann '38E, December 1999
Betty Weld Connor '39, January 2000
Sidney E. Eisenberg '39M (MD), March 2000
John T. Hopkins '39, March 2000
Dorothy Copeland Mullen '39, June 1999
Frances Wood Pemberton '39, '45 (Mas), May 2000
Helen Gates Warren '39N, May 2000
Charlotte Parker Wyrens '39E (Mas), March 1997
Robert B. Burton '40, '43M (MD), April 2000
Hamilton H. Mabie '40, February 2000
Gideon W. Waldrop '40E (Mas), '52E (Mas), May 2000
Laura M. Brown '42, May 2000
Robert L. McDonald '42, April 2000
Robert F. O'Brien '42, March 2000
Thomas B. Shipley '42M (MD), October 1999
Edward L. Valentine '42, February 2000
Petter A. Lindstrom '43M (MD), May 2000
James Sharp '43M (MD), December 1999
Charles H. Wirth '43, May 2000
David W. Bareis '44, January 2000
Richard C. Fowler '44M (MD), September 1999
Phyllis Hullihen MacMillan '44, '45N, February 2000
Elinor L. Doell '45, February 2000
Evelyn Buff Segal '45, April 2000
Ruth Gianniny Shaw '45, '46N, February 2000
Harry Stultz, Jr. '45, March 2000
Frederick M. Curtiss '46M (MD), September 1999
Richard E. Kobilak '46M (Res), April 2000
John B. Perkins '46M (MD), April 2000
John A. Baumann '47 (MS), August 1999
Richard L. Durgin '47, November 1999
James H. Falconer '47, April 2000
Edgar D. Hettrich, Jr. '47, November 1999
Thomas A. Keenan '47, April 2000
Louis A. Mennini '47E, '47E (MM), '61E (PhD), February 2000
George J. Ronan, Jr. '47, October 1999
Sarah Herron Baker '49E, '50E (MM), September 1999
George E. Craig '49, February 2000
Joseph J. Galen '49, October 1999
Marjorie Cady Jameson '49, December 1999
John V. Neel '49, May 2000
Nathan Rickless '49, February 2000
Francis J. Stein '49 (Mas), January 2000
Helen P. Thompson '49 (Mas), April 2000
William H. Bosworth, Jr. '50, March 2000
George W. Graham '50M (Res), November 1999
Kenneth F. Kreiser '50, April 2000
Louis Meisel '50, February 2000
Helen A. Schantz '50, '56 (Mas), May 2000
Robert H. Dean, Jr. '51E (MM), December 1999
Sidney H. Silverman '51M (MD), September 1999
Albert E. Conklin, Jr. '52, March 2000
Gale F. Nadeau, Jr. '52, March 2000
Delores Krisher Gaddy '53N, June 1995
Thomas J. Hanlon '53, June 1999
Catherine Doyle Lieb '53, October 1999
Clay E. Phillips '53M (MD), '62M (Res), May 2000
Gillis G. Pratt, Jr. '53, February 2000
Francis John Gruenauer '54, September 1999
Kenneth D. Hall '54M (Res), September 1999
Martin Mailman '54E, '55E (MM), '60E (PhD), April 2000
Darlene Ericksen '54E, September 1998
Joan Abel Moses '55, '56N, December 1999
Ettore Bugliosi '56 (Mas), March 1999
Basil J. Michel '57, June 2000
David L. Miller '57M (Res), March 2000
Katherine C. Neill '57 (Mas), February 2000
Melvin P. Rinfret '57 (MA), April 1999
Richard A. Williamson '57, October 1998
Peter C. Ciurca '58 (MS), May 2000
James L. King '58, '62 (Mas), September 1999
Martha Fincke Daspit '59E, February 2000
Thomas J. Flanagan '59, April 2000
Robert F. Allen '60, December 1999
Herbert D. Becks '61S, December 1999
Robert Kim '61M (MD), February 2000
Barbara Tew Hurdle '62 (Mas), November 1998
Thomas F. Kerns, Jr. '62W (Mas), May 2000
Marjorie Fielden Kimball '63W (Mas), May 1999
John A. Poole '63 (Flw), March 2000
Nancy Bacon Ashton '64, '64W, '72W (Mas), May 2000
Francis J. Pilecki '64W (Mas), '67W (PhD), May 1999
Sydney E. Salmon '64M (Res), October 1999
John P. Fleming '65, May 2000
P. W. Thomas Moran '65, '74, July 1999
Roslyn Chicovsky Kaplan '66W (Mas), May 1999
Frederick C. White '66S, May 2000
Alice Adam Catalfano '67, '67W, '72W (Mas), February 2000
Phillip E. Compeau '67, May 2000
Anne Alexander Koehler '66N, December 1998
Douglas W. Haskin '70, May 2000
Joel R. Levy '70, September 1999
Arthur G. Schultz '71 (PhD), January 2000
John M. Neel '73, July 1999
Linda Jean Flowers '74 (MA), '83 (PhD), January 2000
Francis R. Moulin '74, March 2000
Lewis P. Steverson '74, August 1999
Ellen Hastings Janosik '76N (Mas), February 2000
Katharine Markey Donohoe '77N (Mas), February 2000
Kevin J. Spoor '92, '95S (MBA), May 2000



Due to an editing error, the first name of former faculty member Virgil W. Topazio was listed incorrectly in the "In Memoriam" section of the Spring-Summer 2000 issue.

Robert B. Burton '40, '43M (MD), a member of the medical faculty who pioneered the idea of health maintenance organizations, died April 19. He was 81.

Burton, who was a clinical assistant professor of medicine from 1956 to 1996, is credited with creating one of the first independent physicians' associations in the country in the early 1960s. He led a 1970s federal research effort to study whether his Rochester prototype would work nationally.

The project later became Preferred Care, a Rochester HMO with Burton serving as the first medical director.

Kenneth E. Clark, dean emeritus of the College and professor emeritus of psychology, died June 21 at his home in Naples, Florida. He was 85.

A nationally known psychologist and educator, Clark served as dean of the College from 1963 until 1980. As a scholar, he was one of the nation's foremost authorities on leadership and the qualities that make a leader.

The author of several books, Clark edited the Journal of Applied Psychology for 10 years. He also was president of the American Board in Professional Psychology and the American Psychological Foundation.

After retiring from the University, Clark was elected president of the Center for Creative Leadership, an educational institution devoted to improving management. He was the center's Smith Richardson Senior Scientist at the time of his death.

Richard E. Kobilak '46M (Res), a former assistant professor of urological surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital, died April 21.

Kobilak, who completed his residency in urology at the University, also served as chief of urology at Highland and The Genesee hospitals.

Roland E. Stevens '37M (MD), who led the creation of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program at Strong Memorial Hospital, died February 8. He was 88.

A surgeon, Stevens was an expert on occupational medicine, establishing industrial medicine and occupational medicine programs at General Railway Signal Corp., Haloid (later Xerox Corp.), and Wegmans Food before establishing the University program in 1982.

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