University of Rochester

Class Notes

River Campus Graduate

Michael Furey (MS), professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech, coauthored four of five papers presented at the international World Tribology Congress III held in Washington, D.C., last fall.

Donald Goodenough (PhD) (see ’82 undergraduate).

Walter Cooper (PhD) received the 2005 Rotary Award, the oldest civic honor in Rochester. Walter is cofounder of Rochester’s Urban League and Action for a Better Community, as well as founder of Rochester’s Sister City program with Bamako, Mali.

Carolyn McCamey McPherson (Mas) (see ’55 undergraduate).

Val Evans Rathbone W (Mas) (see ’58 undergraduate).

Katharine Wilbur Le Mée (Mas) (see ’61 undergraduate). . . . Bruce McPherson W (Mas) (see ’55 undergraduate).

Walter Carter (MA) is the author of No Greater Sacrifice, No Greater Love: A Son’s Journey to Normandy, about his father’s experiences in World War II. . . . Thomas Sergiovanni W (EdD) is the author of Strengthening the Heartbeat: Leading and Learning Together in Schools.

Mark Ain S (MBA), founder of the workforce management company Kronos, was named executive chair of the board of directors.

Alan Lobel S (MBA) (see ’68 undergraduate). . . . Joy Folkman Moss W (Mas) is the author of Literature, Literacy, and Comprehension Strategies in the Elementary School.

Betty Lou Babcock Fisher W (Mas) (see ’50 undergraduate).

David Epstein S (MBA) (see ’71 undergraduate). . . . John Thompson W (Mas), an assistant professor in educational computing at Buffalo State College, was elected to a second term on the International Society for Technology in Education’s board of directors. John also presented the paper “Issues, Questions, and Concerns Using Online Learning in Graduate School” at the third annual International Conference on Education and Information Systems in Orlando, Fla.

Mary Lou Renick Nickles W (MA) (see ’50 undergraduate).

Dave Ragusa W (Mas) (see ’68 undergraduate).

N. Katherine Hayles (PhD), professor of English at the University of California at Los Angeles, is the author of My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts.

Chita Angeli Duval W (EdD) (see ’57 undergraduate).

Stephen Fantone (PhD) was appointed to the board of directors of ROFIN-SINAR Technologies, a laser development and manufacturing company.

Richard Garth (MA) is executive director of the nonprofit Little Theatre Film Society in Rochester.

Marc Voorhees S (MBA) is vice president of finance for the North American operations of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Bradley Holcomb (MS) is senior vice president of global materials and supply for Royal Group Technologies, a manufacturer of polymer construction materials in Toronto. . . . Mike Noto W (Mas) (see ’80 undergraduate). . . . Michael Savarese (Mas) (see ’81 undergraduate).

Bobbie Britting S (MBA) is a senior analyst in consumer lending at TowerGroup, a global financial services consulting firm in Needham, Mass. . . . James Goodenough S (MBA) (see ’82 undergraduate). . . . Mary Ho (MA), president of the China Millennium Council, presented the 2005 National Women’s Hall of Fame inductees, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Patricia Locke, and Maya Lin, with the council’s Oneness of Humanity Award, for their efforts to better humanity. Mary also is secretary of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i’s of Pittsford, N.Y., which made a presentation at the grand opening of the town’s new library last year.

Karen Bernhardt Kuntz S (MBA) is the performance improvement coordinator for ViaHealth in Rochester. Karen also is the director of music and worship arts at the Bergen (N.Y.) First Presbyterian Church.

Teresa Duncan Cox S (MBA) and her husband, Harry, announce the birth of their daughter, Jacqueline Emily, on May 5, 2005. She joins her big brother, David.

Douglas Skinner (PhD) is professor of accounting and the Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow in the University of Chicago’s graduate school of business.

Predrag Cicovacki (PhD), associate professor of philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., is the author of Destined for Evil? The Twentieth-Century Responses.

Michael Behrman S (MBA) and Colleen Braun were married on July 26, 2005, in La Canada, Calif. Michael and Colleen live in Charlotte, N.C., where Michael is senior vice president of finance for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. . . . Daniel Wechsler (MA) is vice president of global planning and services for the Schering-Plough Corp., a pharmaceutical company in Kenilworth, N.J.

Frank Lallos S (MBA) (see ’92 undergraduate).

James Clifford S (MBA) is vice president of acquisitions at Linear Retail Properties in Burlington, Mass.

William Houghton S (MBA) (see ’98 undergraduate). . . . Glenn Jackling S (MBA) is president and CEO of Newtex Industries in Victor, N.Y. . . . Surya Mantha S (MBA) is senior vice president of interactive sevices for Sify Ltd., an e-commerce and Internet company in India.

Shawn Biehler (MS) (see ’97 undergraduate). . . . Rich Scigaj S (MBA) (see ’97 undergraduate).

Roberto Olivi S (MBA) and Kristin Henderson were married on November 5, 2005, in Sea Isle City, N.J. Roberto is the sales and operations manager for Mexico and Central America at the fragrance oils company Belmay, and Kristin is a product development manager for the European division of Polo Ralph Lauren.

Megan Brooks S (MBA) (see ’01 undergraduate). . . . Shawn Goldman (MS) (see ’00 undergraduate).

Stephanie Miner W (MS) (see ’02 undergraduate).

Travis Hebden (MS) (see ’03 undergraduate).

Kimberly Beikirch W (MS) and Michael Reisinger were married on May 28, 2005, in Rochester. Kimberly is a math teacher at Greece Arcadia High School, and Michael is a carpet installer in Rochester.