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In Memoriam is a list of recent alumni deaths that have been reported to the magazine and to the University’s alumni records office. We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone’s death. Please write to Rochester Review, P. O. Box 270033, Rochester NY 14627–0033. The e–mail address is


Ronold W. P. King ’27, ’29 (MS), April 2006
H. Sylvester Partridge ’27, June 2006
Marion Leffler Stalker ’29, November 2005
Hilda Sullivan ’29, ’40W (Mas), May 2006
Helen Brandt Bloom ’31, March 2006
Helen Kirlakowsky Miller ’31E, December 2005
Harriett Newens Grant ’33E (MM), February 2006
Edna Muntz ’33, ’99N (Honorary), April 2006
Lucy Sandmeyer ’33, May 2006
Helen Fuller ’34E, March 2006
Roberta Yotter Grauss ’34E, March 2005
Mary DiDio Hobart ’34, February 2006
David L. Gundry ’35, February 2006
Helen Britt Rasmus ’35, February 2006
Eleanor Knight Colwell ’36E, February 2006
Emanuel F. Golino ’36M (MD), March 2006
George K. Green ’36, March 2006
Lois Van Vechten Harp ’36E, June 2006
Stuart M. Meech ’36, March 2006
Anne Piccareto Shloss ’36, ’64 (Mas), May 2005
John M. Stevenson ’36, April 2006
Richard W. Wrighton ’36, May 2006
Arthur C. York ’36 (Mas), May 2006
Phyllis Pickel Arnold ’37E, March 2006
Kenneth R. Clicquennoi ’37, ’45W (Mas), December 2005
W. Dabney Jarman ’37M (Res), February 2006
Emma Suiter ’37E, April 2006
Robert B. Cantrick ’38, ’46 (MA), April 2006
Inez Aldenderfer Fischle ’38N, April 2006
Ruth Field Lawrence ’38, September 2005
Marjorie Murr Logan ’38, ’45W (Mas), April 2006
Oliver Nixon ’38E, August 2005
Marvel-Dare Fellows Nutting ’38M (PhD), April 2005
Donald R. Steele ’38, March 2006
Edwin A. Badura ’39, April 2006
W. Everett Gates ’39E, ’48E (MM), March 2006
Jane Slater Hooper ’39, May 2006
Jacob Koomen ’39, ’45M (MD), May 2006
Norman R. Cole ’40, June 2006
Louise Vicary Curtze ’40E, April 2006
Jean Hall Drake ’40, December 2005
Max R. Fitze ’40, ’49 (MS), April 2006
William C. Frederick ’40, ’47W (Mas), April 2006
Lawrence A. Hanley ’40E (Mas), March 2006
Sallie Shafer Jackson ’40, ’41N, March 2006
Frederick J. Martin ’40, ’43M (MD), January 2006
Elmer F. Peck ’40, ’50W (Mas), June 2006
John T. Venettozzi ’40E, ’47E (MM), March 2006
Laura Howard Whipple ’40E, ’42E (MM), November 2005
Ruth Richards Chormann ’41, May 2006
Janet Armbrust Moulthrop ’41E, January 2006
Robert W. Swanton ’41, December 2005
G. Donald Whedon ’41M (MD), ’78 (Honorary), May 2006
Alice Willey Green ’42E (MM), March 2006
Mildred Stanbro Jones ’42, November 2005
Robert E. Kennedy ’43, February 2006
Millicent Boyd Schongalla ’43, March 2006
Lucille Butter Carroll ’44, May 2006
Leslie E. Edwards ’44M (PhD), March 2006
Jack A. Grossman ’44, May 2006
John W. Handy ’44, May 2006
Ruth Lakeway ’44E, ’47E (MM), February 2006
Mary Gibson Sterling ’44N, April 2006
Edward C. Weber ’44, April 2006
Jane Wilkins Diegert ’45N, June 2006
Janis Anderson Fagerstrom ’45N, May 2006
David K. Fukushima ’45 (PhD), January 2006
Jacqueline Briggs O’Connell ’45, March 2005
Mary Lou Brannigan Beedon ’46N, March 2006
Katharine Morris ’46N, June 2006
Barbara Hughes Parrott ’46N, March 2005
William E. Sandrock ’46M (MD), April 2006
Harry G. Brown ’47M (Res), April 2006
Edward H. Dowling ’47, ’48 (MS), June 2006
Margaret Geyer ’47, April 2006
John S. McRoberts ’47M (MD), March 2006
Willis A. Stevens ’47E, ’61E (DMA), January 2006
Vera Howell Walker ’47N, June 2006
David H. Walworth ’47, ’48M (MD), May 2006
Douglas R. Ward ’47E, ’48E (MM), April 2006
Helen Delcos Welch ’47N, May 1997
Dean W. Caple ’48, March 2006
J. Robert Costello ’48, ’49W (Mas), March 2005
Lewis S. Danfelt ’48E, December 2005
Alvin C. Foster ’48, February 2006
Jean Peters MacFarlane ’48M (MD), February 2006
Patricia Brower Nolan ’48N, March 2006
Ellery F. Tuck ’48E, ’49E (MM), June 2006
Raymond O. VonSaunder ’48, June 2006
Charles W. Bleser ’49E, June 2006
Gordon Epperson ’49E (MM), May 2006
Merton L. Goldstein ’49, March 2006
Richard B. Hilts ’49E, June 2006
Jesse A. Lee ’49, May 2006
Ronald A. Miller ’49, May 2006
Donald M. Paris ’49, July 2006
Richard T. Stern ’49, December 2005
Molly Shanks Beach ’50E, April 2006
Charles F. Biggs ’50, March 2006
LeRoy W. Bowersox ’50M (Res), November 2005
William G. Crichton ’50, May 2006
J. Daniel Dowdakin ’50E, ’53E (MM), February 2006
Glen C. Durkin ’50, May 2006
Nancy Bramlage Ewing ’50E, February 2006
Albert C. Giesselmann ’50, February 2006
Frederic T. Joint ’50M (MD), ’52M (Res), May 2006
Charles F. Piotrasch ’50, March 2006
Norman G. Summers ’50, April 2006
Barbara Swan Whittemore ’50, February 2006
Leroy A. Williams ’50, February 2006
Frederick J. Bassett ’51, June 2004
Clarence B. Brasser ’51, March 2006
Norman Brill ’51, April 2005
Thomas A. DePrez ’51, May 2006
Neal E. Fisher ’51, ’55M (MD), January 2006
Joan Sigler Hujar ’51, March 2006
Harold B. Schapiro ’51 (PhD), April 2006
Myron R. Falck ’52E (MM), ’65E (PhD), May 2006
George R. Mott ’52 (PhD), February 2006
Christ M. Noun ’52, March 2006
Athena Apanomith Sarantos ’52, April 2006
Christine Hummel Verhage ’52, March 2006
Marjorie Fribance Wickes ’52, March 2006
Shirley Brosius Beeson ’53E, February 2006
Wilbert B. Huch ’53, February 2006
Charles D. Moore ’53, May 2006
David S. Smith ’53M (MS), June 2006
Carol Mann Tepe ’53, February 2006
Edward R. Granger ’54, ’62S (MS), April 2006
Frederic H. Jackson ’54, January 2006
Jean Powers ’54, May 2006
Richard F. Smith ’54 (PhD), ’71 (Flw), June 2006
Bernard M. Spinell ’54, June 2006
Blanche Allan Peets ’55, ’61W (Mas), June 2006
John J. Klein ’55, April 2006
Dorothy M. Meehan ’55 (MA), March 2006
Joan Martin Mullhaupt ’55E, July 2005
Betty Reigelsperger ’55 (Mas), February 2006
Melvin R. Sikov ’55M (PhD), August 2005
Thomas S. Wheeler ’55, July 2006
Albert C. Catalano ’56, January 2005
Roger D. Hannay ’56E (PhD), January 2006
Elizabeth Hollway ’56E (PhD), March 2006
Shirley Jones Payne ’56, ’57N, February 2006
Robert W. Sherman ’56E (PhD), April 2006
Lyle A. Warner ’56, January 2006
Eleanor Dillon Weis ’56, September 2004
Russel E. Wellman ’56 (PhD), February 2006
Florence A. Wilson ’56M (Res), June 2006
Caroline Jones Carlson ’57N, May 2006
Jane Anderson Clark ’57, June 2006
Patricia Magin Hritz ’57N, May 2006
Joseph T. Inglefield ’57M (MD), January 2006
Jerrold A. Koeplin ’57, ’62 (MS), May 2006
Johanne Pouliot ’57, April 2006
Benjamin H. Richardson ’57 (MA), ’73W (EdD), June 2006
Richard A. DeBrine ’58, April 2006
Robert J. Folwell ’58, July 2006
Joseph Klarmann ’58 (PhD), February 2006
Hazel McKay ’58 (MS), July 2006
Howard M. Myers ’58M (PhD), February 2006
Fred A. Nelson ’58, April 2006
Hugh A. Risley ’58, July 2006
Rita Posner Underberg ’58 (PhD), February 2006
William L. Underhill ’58M (MD), February 2006
Paul Baim ’59, March 2006
William K. Heineman ’59, July 2006
Dell H. Warnick ’59, ’64 (MS), May 2006
Stanley S. Yormak ’59M (MD), August 2005
Carol Lang Helling ’60, May 2005
Suzanne Murray James ’60M (MS), March 2006
Martin P. Kennedy ’60, August 2005
Grant W. Southard ’60, October 2005
Terrence J. Foley ’61W (Mas), May 2006
John C. Standing ’61S, February 2006
Donald R. Arnold ’62 (PhD), May 2006
Julius C. Battaglini ’62, April 2006
Clarence P. Bray ’62, March 2006
Terrence L. Greenawalt ’62E (MA), ’72E (PhD), April 2006
Colin G. Smith ’62E, June 2006
Richard C. Strand ’62, April 2006
James J. Ashton ’63, May 2006
Richard J. Cordovano ’63, February 2006
Sharon Connelly Degnan ’63W, March 2006
Dale E. Herendeen ’63, February 2006
Virginia Pease Panzarella ’63W (Mas), May 2006
Sandra Fogg Robinson ’63, June 2006
Richard H. Levy ’64S, November 2005
David M. Nier ’64W (Mas), March 2006
Kelvin F. Tucker ’64S, April 2006
David A. Buckley ’65 (PhD), March 2006
Rudy A. Hazucha ’65E, ’74E (MA), April 2006
Robert R. Heath ’65 (MS) December 2005
Lawrence G. Goldberg ’66, March 2005
Frank V. Passero ’66, May 2006
Phyllis Yoho ’66 (MA), April 2006
Derrill G. Bodley ’67E, ’76E (MM), September 2005
Marsha Butler ’67, February 2006
George E. Danielson ’67 (MS), December 2005
John Waskow ’67, May 2006
Susan Hildebrandt Barnum ’68E, March 2006
John L. Simon ’68, June 2006
Marion Sullivan Daly ’69, June 2006
Donna Gindes ’69, March 2006
Henry M. Gottfried ’69, ’72 (MA), May 2006
Helen Roehm Lisson ’70W (EdD), May 2005
Jane Mosher ’70, July 2006
Ethel Mae Smith Wahl ’70, June 2006
Donald R. Saidel ’71M (MD), ’75M (Res), October 2005
Marilyn Klau Auerbach ’72W (Mas), July 2006
Mary Ballstead Wright ’72, May 2006
John M. Freeman ’73, May 2006
Eldridge Moore ’73W (Mas), April 2006
Ruth Pere ’73 (MS), February 2006
Jessie V. Furlow ’75M (MD), June 2006
Joseph R. Brown ’76, ’78 (MS), March 2006
Jaime DeJesus ’76M (Pdc), March 2006
Thomas H. Reed ’77S, September 2005
Mark P. Vandeusen ’77, May 2006
Bruce I. Terman ’78M (MS), ’82M (PhD), May 2006
Ralf R. Cozza ’80, March 2006
John R. Turnbull ’81E (DMA), May 2006
David C. Fielding ’82S (MBA), February 2006
Susan Palmieri ’82, August 2005
Anne Larkin Gardner ’83N, April 2006
Beth Fahy ’85S (MBA), June 2006
Xi-Yi Huang ’86 (Flw), November 2005
Ann Connors Murphy ’86, November 2005
Janeanne Cinanni Austin ’87W (MS), March 2006
Sherrianne Gayman ’92N, March 2006
James A. Kunkel ’96S (MBA), February 2006
Heidi Whitehouse ’98E, May 2006
Christoher J. Sippel ’02, July 2006


Robert Berg, founding chair of the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine at the Medical Center and the first Albert D. Kaiser Professor, died on July 11. He was 87.

A native of Spokane, Wash., Berg graduated from Harvard University in 1940 and Harvard Medical School in 1943. Berg joined the Medical Center in 1958 to establish the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, influencing the Medical Center’s decision to adopt community health as one of its four missions.

In 1968, he published a community survey of the needs of the elderly residents of Monroe County, which served as a model for other communities’ health care plans.

Berg served for a year as acting administrator of Strong Memorial Hospital and as associate dean for planning in the School of Medicine. He retired as department chair in 1984.

Philip Knauf ’70M, (Ph.D.), a distinguished professor in the biochemistry and biophysics department at the Medical Center, died on June 25. He was 64.

Knauf graduated from Boston College in 1963 and obtained his Ph.D. in biophysics from the University in 1970. After a decade as associate professor at the University of Toronto, he returned to the Medical Center as an associate professor of biophysics.

A noted researcher, Knauf studied the functions of red and white blood cells, including how they transport charged particles across cell membranes.

Knauf served as editor of the American Journal of Physiology, Cell Physiology, and News in Physiological Sciences. He was a member of the University’s Faculty Senate for many years, serving as cochair in the 2003–04 academic year.

Richard Pearlman, director of the Eastman Opera Theatre from 1976 to 1995, died on April 8. He was 69.

A resident director at the Metropolitan Opera and artistic director of the Washington Opera, he became director of the Eastman program in 1976, directing productions of works by Mozart, Rossini, Menotti, and Britten and working with young singers such as Renée Fleming ’83E (MM) and Anthony Dean Griffey ’01E (MM).

Peter Rowley, a genetics expert at the Medical Center, died on March 27. He was 76.

A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Rowley joined the Medical Center in 1970 after working at Stanford University, the University of London, and the National Institutes of Health.

Rowley, an expert on hereditary susceptibility to cancer, was a professor of medicine, pediatrics, genetics, microbiology, immunology, and oncology at the Medical Center for 36 years and chair of the Division of Genetics since 1990.

Colin Turbayne, professor of philosophy emeritus, died on May 16. He was 90.

Born in the outback of Queensland, Australia, Turbayne received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Queensland.

Turbayne emigrated to the United States in 1947 and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He taught at the University from 1957 until his retirement in 1981.

One of the most influential scholars of 18th century philosopher George Berkeley, Turbayne is best known as the author of The Myth of Metaphor, a criticism of the Newtonian view of the universe as a machine. With the philosophy department, he established the Colin and Ailsa Turbayne International Berkeley Essay Prize.


Jacob Koomen ’39, ’45M (MD), a life trustee of the University, died on May 10. He was 88.

Koomen joined the U.S. Public Health Service and in 1954 relocated with his wife, Ruth Chapin Koomen ’42, to North Carolina. He served as the state’s health director from 1966 to 1978. During his tenure, Koomen worked to make childhood vaccinations mandatory and also helped establish a state medical examiner system.

After leaving the state health director position, Koomen was a professor of health administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Public Health until his retirement in the early 1980s.


Ali Shah Afzal ’09, a political science major and aspiring law student who transferred to the University in spring 2005, died July 21 at his home. He was 21.

Born in Gowanda, N.Y., Afzal grew up in Whitesboro, N.Y., where he graduated from high school and is remembered as a standout on the basketball team. He attended Colgate University before transferring to Rochester.

In recognition of Afzal’s passion for basketball, his high school and family have created a scholarship fund in his honor. The scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors who play basketball and excel academically. Contributions in his memory may be made to the Ali Shah Afzal Memorial Fund, Whitesboro High School, Athletic Department, c/o Steve Heitz, 6000 Route 291, Marcy, N.Y., 13402.

Steven Harrison ’00, ’02W (Mas), a high school teacher in Rochester who was pursuinag a second master’s degree at the University, died August 4 in a car accident on the New York Thruway. He was 28.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree from the College, Harrison, of the Bronx, earned a master’s degree from the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development. At the Warner School, he was a Fifth Year in Teaching Scholar and was recognized with the Eleanor Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching.

A highly regarded English teacher at East High School in Rochester, Harrsion also advised the school’s step team, cofounded the Men at Work young men’s club, and worked with the Ebony Culture Club. Harrison was pursuing a second master’s degree and certification as a school administrator at the Warner School.

Noted for his involvement with the community beyond the classroom, he also worked as a counselor at Alternatives for Battered Women, a local United Way– funded agency.

Harrison kept strong ties with the University as a member of the Multicultural Alumni Advisory Council.