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School of Medicine and Dentistry classes celebrating reunions

October 12–14, 2006

60th Reunion: 1946
55th Reunion: 1951
50th Reunion: 1956
45th Reunion: 1961
40th Reunion: 1966
35th Reunion: 1971
30th Reunion: 1976
25th Reunion: 1981
20th Reunion: 1986
15th Reunion: 1991
10th Reunion: 1996

For more about Alumni Weekend, visit the School of Medicine and Dentistry’s office of Alumni Relations

More than 35 donors who were inspired and mentored by Alejandro Zaffaroni (PhD), ’51 (Flw), ’72 (Honorary) established a financial aid program for Latin American students in his name at Stanford University.

Victor Tofany (MD) was inducted into the St. Bonaventure University Seneca Battalion Army ROTC Hall of Fame last March. Victor received his undergraduate degree from St. Bonaventure.

Donald Gordon (Mas) is the author of the novel Uncle Harold. . . . Walter Sy (MD) (see ’58RC undergraduate).

Robert Nesbit (MD), ’74 (Res), professor of surgery emeritus at the Medical College of Georgia, has been elected chair of the Surgery Clerkship Directors Committee of the Association for Surgical Education. He is also president of the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science and the Atlanta Vascular Society.

Philip Pizzo (MD) was reappointed to a second five-year term as dean of Stanford Medical School. He is also the Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Professor for the Dean of the School of Medicine and a professor of pediatrics and of microbiology and immunology.

Joseph Martin (PhD), ’96 (Honorary) was appointed chair of the New England Healthcare Institute’s board of directors. Joseph is dean of the medical faculty at Harvard University.

Frank Eismont (MD) (see ’69RC undergraduate).

Robert Nesbit (Res) (see ’65).

Christopher Bever (MD) is associate chief of staff for the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System.

Holly Atkinson (MD), ’79 (Res) is contract director of business development for BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics in New York City. . . . Karen Blumberg (MD) writes, “Tina Rogers Kurland and I reunited after many years, at the American College of Radiology Convocation in Washington, D.C., where fortuitously we were being inducted as fellows, an honor given to about 10 percent of radiologists.”

Gary Falk (MD) (see ’76RC undergraduate). . . . Allen Power (MD), ’83 (Res) (see ’76RC undergraduate).

Deborah Geer (MD) is a surgeon at Auburn (N.Y.) Memorial Hospital. Previously, she was chief resident at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu.

Harold Paz (MD) (see ’77RC undergraduate). . . . Richard Schreiber (Flw), ’83 (Res) is chief medical informatics officer at Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, Pa.

Kevin Skerrett (Mas) is a member of the regulatory compliance group of The Wercs, a material safety data sheet software company. Previously, Kevin was a chemical regulations specialist at Kodak.

Ming Ge (MS), a former information technology consultant, is the owner of Teaposy, a business that sells flowering tea bulbs in clear teapots.

Stephanie Wragg (PhD) writes, “I am the director of medical education and faculty development at the regional campus of the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in Boca Raton.”

Neil Shull (PhD) is attending law school at George Washington University.

Mary (Carrie) Yager (MD) (see ’96RC undergraduate).