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In Memoriam is a list of recent alumni deaths that have been reported to the magazine and to the University’s alumni records office. We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone’s death. Please write to Rochester Review, P. O. Box 270033, Rochester NY 14627–0033. The e–mail address is

In Memoriam


Mildred Elgin Bumphrey ’28E,November 2006
Irma L. Suess ’30, ’32 (MS), October 2006
Mary Clemens Paul ’32E, March 2006
Signe Lidfeldt Sherman ’35, ’37M (MS), November 2006
Harriet Frank Tatelbaum ’36, October 2006
Elizabeth Hamilton Dabczynski ’38E, ’45 (MA), December 2006
Avery A. Lockner ’38E, October 2006
Doris Paterson Burges ’39, December 2006
George F. Goslee ’39E, October 2006
Leon Hollerman ’39, December 2006
Richard C. Forman ’40M (MD), December 2006
Howard L. German ’40, January 2006
Margaret A. Howland ’40, October 2006
Samuel P. Nixon ’40M (MD), September 2006
Julius Stoll Jr. ’40, November 2006
Joseph A. O’Grady ’41M (MD), November 2006
Alvin D. Wert ’41M (MD), November 2006
Anna Bater Young ’41N, ’52, December 2006
Charles G. Kamin ’42, August 2005
Glenn W. Quaint Jr. ’42, November 2006
Claudia Hnatkiw Swedosh ’42E, October 2006
Florence E. Halliday ’43E, November 2005
Mary Fleckenstein Minges ’43, ’58 (MS), April 2006
Madge Mosier Paye ’43N, March 2006
Anson Perina ’43M (MD), ’50M (Res), June 2006
William A. Stirling ’43, ’47 (Mas), October 2006
Evelyn S. De Long ’44E, ’46E (MM), August 2006
William P. Hagenbach ’44, ’47 (MS), November 2006
Rebecca Sampson Kirk ’44, December 2006
Richard E. Koons ’44E, October 2006
Nancy Crawford Williamson ’44, October 2006
Harriet Vales Donnelly ’45N, April 2006
Shirley Morrison Thompson ’45N, October 2006
Edward S. Rendall ’46M (MD), December 2006
Harry J. Pinsky ’47, ’51M (MD), ’59M (Res), November 2006
Anthony J. Pizzarelli ’47M (MD), October 2006
Mary Kay Stemm Alexander ’48E, October 2006
James S. Browne ’48M (MD), December 2006
Harry F. O’Neil ’48, ’51 (MA), November 2006
Elizabeth Griffith Titus ’48, November 2006
Ann McCaffrey Zimmerman ’48N, July 2006
Joseph R. Barone ’49, September 2006
Gerald Fleisher ’49E, ’62E (MM), October 2006
Thomas F. Minges ’49, December 2006
Charles E. Wheten ’49, October 2006
Elwyn C. Worden ’49E, November 2006
Eugene J. Agnello ’50 (PhD), September 2006
Mary Harris Bart ’50N, September 2006
Donald L. Hall ’50, December 2006
Andrew D. Hopkins ’50, September 2006
Herbert L. Sadinsky ’50, September 2006
Shirley Jackson Spencer ’50, July 2006
Gerald L. Glaser ’52M (MD), October 2006
Edgar E. Summerlin ’52E (MM), October 2006
Peter Carrillo ’53, October 2006
Barbara Bailey Creedon ’53, September 2006
Raymond L. Wheeler ’53E (MM), September 2006
Nicholas L. Weeks ’54, October 2006
Rev. Robert A. Burch ’55, October 2006
Richard L. Wawro ’57, ’59W (Mas), October 2006
Charles D. Moore ’58, May 2006
John M. Peck II ’58E, May 2006
Donald H. Herbst ’59, December 2006
Sanford R. Lieberman ’59, September 2006
Lars Pedersen ’59, October 2006
John R. Sadd ’59M (MD), November 2006
Virginia Marble Magill ’60W (Mas), October 2006
Gerald J. Quinlan ’61E, November 2006
Joyce Townsend Riley ’62W (Mas), October 2006
Pearl Waxman Rubin ’62W (Mas), December 2006
Jack G. Moehlenkamp ’63E (DMA), November 2006
John Wyre ’63E, October 2006
A. Laurence Lyon ’65E (PhD), November 2006
Joan Horsey Parks ’65W (MA), October 2006
Craig P. Perkins ’67 (MA), ‚Ä®July 2006
Francis S. Palmisano ’68, November 2006
Ingrid Stevens Sloth ’68, December 2006
Mary Jane Johnson Preston ’68W (MA), October 2006
William N. Bertsche ’70, June 2006
E. Dona Kofod Stahl ’73W (EdD), October 2005
Timothy J. McGinnis ’74, ’86 (MS), November 2006
Peter P. Zadarlik ’74, November 2006
Doris Roloson Dunham ’79N (MS), December 2006
Frederick T. Zugibe ’81M (Flw), ’83M (Flw), November 2006
Philip J. Zawisa ’84, October 2006
Gretchen Lochner Gonzales ’85E, October 2006
Kathleen McClenathan Verdaasdonk ’88, November 2006
Laura A. Sanchis ’89 (PhD), April 2006
Catherine E. Williams ’91N (MS), November 2006
Karen M. Keefer ’97M (MPH), August 2005


Lyman Wynne
Lyman C. Wynne, a founder of family therapy and an influential Medical Center researcher who helped transform the treatment of schizophrenia, died January 17, in Bethesda, Md. He was 83.

Wynne chaired the Department of Psychiatry from 1971 to 1977, and then served as a professor of psychiatry until his appointment as professor emeritus in 1998. During the 1950s and 1960s, as a researcher and an official at the National Institute of Mental Health, he pioneered new approaches to mental illness, especially schizophrenia.

Published widely, Wynne received the Frieda Fromm-Reichmann Award for Schizophrenia Research from the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and the Meritorious Service Medal from the U.S. Public Health Service, among many honors.

He and his wife, Adele, who died in 2003, provided an endowment to help create the Wynne Center for Family Research in the psychiatry department.

Contributions can be made to the Wynne Center for Family Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center, 300 East River Road, P.O. Box 278996, Rochester, N.Y. 14627.


We apologize to George R. Tobin ’06S (MS), who was included in the In Memoriam list in the January-February issue of Review. We regret the error.