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Here’s to de Kiewiet

I enjoyed the piece on Cornelis de Kiewiet (President’s Page, March-April). I have the honor of holding two diplomas signed by Dr. de Kiewiet—a bachelor’s from Cornell, 1950, and a master’s from Rochester, 1958.

At Cornell I thought it cool that his first name was so similar to Cornell and have wondered about the origins of both.
Paul Joslin ’58 (Mas), ’67W (EdD)
Johnston, Iowa

Dr. Ernie Kay ’53M (PhD), a friend who graduated from Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, sent me the President’s Page from the March-April issue titled “Remembering Cornelis de Kiewiet.”

Dr. de Kiewiet was my uncle and my father’s twin brother. We, his extended family and my father in particular, were very proud of him. As Dr. de Kiewiet (“Corrie” to us), to my knowledge, never spoke about what he actually did, I was impressed to read the review of his work by the late professor Arthur May and now the very positive article by President Joel Seligman.

Over the years there must have been many people who contributed to and were instrumental in bringing development and renown to the University of Rochester, so we are very grateful that the University continues to honor him and hold him in such high regard.

I could visualize him not saying anything but with a chuckle and a twinkle in his eyes being delighted to be so positively remembered.
Dorothy de Kiewiet
Oakville, Ontario


In the caption for the photo on the back cover of the March-April issue, we misidentified the name of the athletics teams for New York University. The teams representing NYU are the Violets. We apologize for the error.

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