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More on the Mascot

In the March-April issue of Review, you printed my letter commenting on the new image of the Yellowjacket mascot, which originally appeared in the November-December issue. In that letter, I wrote, “The November-December issue (‘War of the Wasps,’) presented a new mascot to represent our University spirit. I can see why we should change the representation of the Yellowjacket from URBee, whose smiling face does not exactly appear to be the face of a formidable opponent. But the winning wasp seems to go to an opposite extreme. He looks like an angry, bloodthirsty, sadistic creature, which I hope is not meant to convey the power, strength, and courage of our athletes.”

In your editor’s note with my letter, you referred readers to a photo which shows a costume worn by someone on the sidelines. My letter referred to a very different image.
Marcy Braverman Goldstein ’92
Charlotte, N.C.

Goldstein is an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Editor’s Note: While it’s true that the costume used to represent Rocky—as the new mascot was named by students—on the sidelines of athletics events is not quite so finely detailed as the printed incarnation of the new mascot, the final version of the mascot has changed little since it was first introduced last winter. Begun last year, the process to develop a new image to represent the Rochester Yellowjackets, an initiative that included student ballots to vote on both the look and name of the new mascot, was completed this spring. URBee has become “mascot emeritus,” and the new Rocky is in use.

This Family is Guthrie’s Family

History major that I was and a Woody Guthrie fan, I couldn’t let the story “The Science of Winning a Grammy” (Alumni Gazette, May-June) “pass” as truth.

Nora Guthrie is the daughter (Arlo Guthrie’s sister) of Woody, not his widow.

Woody was married three times. His second wife, Marjorie (now deceased), was the mother of Nora.
Susan Krehbiel Hartman ’63
Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

Editor’s Note: Several Guthrie fans pointed out our error in a caption describing the team that worked on a Grammy-winning album to restore one of the folk singer’s early recordings. We misidentified Nora Guthrie as Woody Guthrie’s widow. We apologize for the error.

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