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On War and Morality

By Robert Holmes

Princeton University Press, 2014

Princeton University Press has republished Holmes’s work as part of the Princeton Legacy Library, a project to expand access to scholarly works no longer in print. Writing in the late 1980s, Holmes, professor emeritus of philosophy at Rochester, argued that the threat of nuclear war resulted in the respectability of conventional war, and that all war is morally impermissible in the modern military context.

A Scholar’s Guide to Getting Published in English: Critical Choices and Practical Strategies

By Mary Jane Curry and Theresa Lillis

Multilingual Matters, 2013

Curry, associate professor and director of language education at the Warner School, and Lillis, professor of English language and applied linguistics at the Open University in the United Kingdom, respond to a growing reliance on English in academic publishing with a guide for scholars in countries in which English is not a primary language.

Applied Meta-Analysis with R

By Ding-Geng (Din) Chen and Karl Peace

Chapman & Hall/ CRC Biostatistics Series, 2013

Chen, professor of biostatistics at the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and of Nursing, and Peace, professor of biostatistics at Georgia Southern University’s Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, provide an overview for practitioners on the application of statistical methods to synthesize biomedical and clinical trial data using the programming language R.

Forensic Reports and Testimony: A Guide to Effective Communication for Psychologists and Psychiatrists

By Randy Otto ’81 et al

Wiley, 2014

Otto and his coauthors, experts in the field of forensic psychology and psychiatry, offer a guide for mental health professionals who wish “to provide consistently accurate, defensible, and useful reports and testimony” in legal cases. Otto is an associate professor in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy at the University of South Florida.

War Is Not a Game: The New Antiwar Soldiers and the Movement They Built

By Nan Levinson ’71

Rutgers University Press, 2014

Levinson, who teaches journalism and fiction writing at Tufts University, explores the contemporary soldiers’ antiwar movement, as carried out by the group Iraq Veterans Against the War. Through portraits of the mostly working-class veterans who lead the group, Levinson offers a look at the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the evolution of the thinking of soldiers “demanding to be seen neither simply as tragic victims nor as battlefront heroes.”

Mercury Control for Coal-Derived Gas Streams

Edited by Evan Granite ’94 (PhD) et al

Wiley, 2014

Granite coedits a handbook of the technologies currently available to capture and measure mercury in coal-derived gas streams, in accordance with standards set by environmental protection agencies in the United States, the European Union, and the Asia-Pacific region. Granite is a research group leader at the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory.

The Theory of the Sublime from Longinus to Kant

By Robert Doran

Cambridge University Press, 2015

Doran explores the concept of the sublime, from its first articulation in ancient Greece to its place in the aesthetic philosophy of the 18th-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Doran is an associate professor of French and comparative literature at Rochester.

The Anxiety Code: Deciphering the Purposes of Neurotic Anxiety

By Roger Di Pietro ’04M (Pdc)

Lulu, 2014

A Rochesterarea psycho- therapist, Di Pietro explores the ways in which anxiety symptoms may be less the result of a particular cause than an adaptive means to achieve certain goals.

Let the People Have Him— Chiam See Tong: The Early Years

By Loke Hoe Yeong ’06E

Epigram Books, 2014

Loke presents a biography of Chiam See Tong, Singapore’s longest serving opposition MP, and a figure offering a window into the history of post-independence Singapore. The first of a two-volume series, the volume explores Chiam’s early political struggles. Loke is the assistant secretary-general of Chiam’s Singapore People’s Party and an associate fellow at Singapore’s European Union Centre.

Pioneering History on Two Continents: An Autobiography

By Bruce Pauley ’67 (PhD)

University of Nebraska Press, 2014

In an autobiography, Pauley, professor emeritus of history at the University of Central Florida, considers the changing nature of the historian’s craft, with an emphasis on the history of 20th-century Central Europe. Pauley also explores his family history, from their German roots to their migration into the Great Plains of the United States.

Now’s the Time: A Story of Music, Education, and Advocacy

By Ned Corman ’59E and Rob Enslin

Epigraph, 2013

With writer Enslin, Corman—a music education advocate, founder of the Penfield (N.Y.) Music Commission Project, and organizer of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival—offers a memoir of his childhood on a Pennsylvania farm, coming of age at the Eastman School and Penn State, life on the road in the last days of the Big Band Era, and teaching music in public schools. The book includes forewords by Chuck Mangione ’63E, Ron Carter ’59E, Fred Wesley, and the late D. Stanley Hasty ’41E.

Fault Lines: The Layman’s Guide to Understanding America’s Role in the Ever-Changing Middle East

By Don Liebich ’64

Elevate, 2014

Liebich describes his own journey to understanding American involvement in the Middle East and its consequences for the region. Liebich spent his career in the Navy and in the private sector, and has been part of economic development, citizen diplomacy, and human rights projects in the Middle East.

Before India: Exploring Your Ancestry with DNA

By David Mahal ’71 (MS)

CreateSpace, 2014

Mahal explores the ways in which DNA analysis can be used to trace deep ancestry, with specific reference to people from the Indian subcontinent. The book includes a study of the ancestral origins of several ethnic communities in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, as well as some communities of Indian and Pakistani origin in Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

Exam Room Confidential: The Wellborne Files

By Louis Siegel ’76M (MD), ’79M (Res)

Louis Siegel, 2014

Siegel presents his first work of fiction, a story of the physician Charles Harper White, whose ideals “are quickly fractured by the pettiness, politics, and moral failings of his colleagues,” and by the realities of the 21stcentury American health care system.

eQuality: The Struggle for Web Accessibility by Persons with Cognitive Disabilities

By Peter Blanck ’79

Cambridge University Press, 2014

Blanck examines the rights of people with cognitive disabilities to equal access to Internet content, and the ways in which the right to Web equality must be further refined. Blanck holds the title of University Professor at Syracuse and is chairman of Syracuse’s Burton Blatt Institute, an organization to advance the civil rights and participation of people with disabilities.

The It Girl Rules: Get Hired and Stay Hired—Tips on Navigating Your Corporate Career

By Tamika Nurse ’02S (MBA)

It Girl Industries, 2014

Nurse, a career consultant, offers a guide for young women professionals on navigating corporate America. Topics include networking, positioning yourself for promotion, dealing with bad managers, and transitioning to a new job. Career in Optics: A Memoir that Spans 36 Years of Optics History at Eastman Kodak By Pierce Day ’48, ’53 (MS) Self-published, 2014 Day, an optical engineer at Eastman Kodak from 1950 to 1986, tells the story of his work on programs from Sputnik and the Lunar Orbiter to the KH-7/8 programs, the Hubble Telescope, and Kodak’s color copier products.



By Phil Markowitz ’74E and Zach Brock

Dot Time Records, 2014

Jazz pianist Markowitz and violinist Brock collaborate on 10 original tracks. Joining them on the recording are bassists Jay Anderson and Lincoln Goines, drummer Obed Calvaire, and percussionist Edson (Café) Da Silva.

Alabama Moon: A Salute to George Hamilton Green

By Bob Becker ’69E, ’71E (MM) and Yurika Kimura

Xylomusic, 2014

Percussionist Becker joins with Japanese marimbist Kimura to present a tribute to xylophone pioneer George Hamilton Green. Becker performs the lead xylophone solos.

Tossing and Turning

By Talking Under Water

Talking Under Water, 2014

Pianist and singer Dave Chisholm ’13E, cellist Elise Hughey ’09E, ’11E (MM), guitarist Alex Patrick ’14E, and drummer Stephen Roessner ’14 (MS) present their first EP as the group Talking Under Water.

Time Goes Dancing

By Chesley Kahmann ’52

Orbiting Clef Productions, 2014

Kahmann offers the 10th volume in her Kahmann Touch series. The recording includes 12 original songs, with Kahmann on the piano and her son, Ames Parsons, on trumpet.

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