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Message from Chair Francis Price on PSRB reviewing Department of Public Safety proposal

University Trustee and Chair of the PSRB, Francis Price, on behalf of the University’s Public Safety Review Board (PSRB), has submitted the following statement to outline the process for the review of the proposal from the Department of Public Safety titled “Proposed Evolution of the Armed Peace Officer Program.”  The proposal is available on the DPS website at:

The PSRB was established by President Seligman in October 2016.   The board is comprised of the Students’ Association president, and faculty, staff and administrators from across the University who meet quarterly or on an as-needed basis to provide regular assessments of DPS policies and procedures, and to review any significant incidents involving DPS actions.

The PSRB first received a draft of the current proposal at its May 15, 2018 meeting. Discussion and full review of the proposal was tabled until the October 2018 meeting to ensure that the Students’ Association president, a member of the PSRB, could participate fully in the proposal discussion.  In October, DPS Chief Mark Fischer presented the formal proposal to the PSRB. Its key recommendations are: unrestricted access to all campuses by the five armed DPS supervisors per shift, which will allow these supervisors to attend routine meetings and conduct other necessary DPS business on campus; adding two armed officers to vehicle patrol units on River Campus, including Riverview Apartments and Brooks Crossing and Brooks Landing; and establishing a new armed foot patrol at the Eastman School of Music. As indicated above, the full account of the proposals can be found in the proposal document itself, which is posted on the Department of Public Safety website. The PSRB requested that Chief Fischer and Senior Vice President and CFO Holly Crawford meet with the Student Senate, other student groups, and faculty and staff who may wish to understand the proposal in more detail, and to report back at the PSRB’s scheduled November 26, 2018 meeting.

The PSRB intends to discuss the results of the discussions and other feedback that has been received about the proposal at its November 26 meeting and at additional meetings if needed. In keeping with its established role, the PSRB will make a recommendation to the President regarding the proposal, and the President will consider the PSRB’s recommendation in making his final decision.