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Department Coordinator
Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute Jacqueline A Velazquez
Admissions & Enrollment Ursula Balent
Admissions Center - SMH Terrell T Robinson
Ambulatory Nursing Joanne Boulas
Ambulatory Services Joanne Boulas
Anesthesiology Oren Harary
Anthropology Rose Marie C Ferreri
Art & Art History M Catherine Humphrey
Athletics & Recreation Julie A N Piccirillo
Auxiliary Operations Barbara Snyder
Biochemistry and Biophysics Laura J Neville
Biology Deborah A Lawrence
Biomedical Engineering Gayle Hurlbutt
Biomedical Engineering Donna Porcelli
Biomedical Genetics Katherine Scoville
Biostatistics & Computational Biology Sheryl Hennekey
Brain & Cognitive Science Kathleen Corser
Bursar's Office - RC Erik Jorgensen
Campus Planning, Design & Construction Managment Susan Speta
Career Center Jodyi Noel Wren
Center for Academic Support Andrea M Ehmann
Center for Community Health Bethany R Bushen
Center for Entrepreneurship Evelyn Sheffer
Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning Louise R Wingrove
Center for Experiential Learning Cindy A Freeland
Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics Deborah A Baker
Center for Musculoskeletal Research Lindsay M Scowcroft
Center for Neural Development & Disease Susan A Brightman
Center for Oral Biology Nicole Beaumont
Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research Willie M Jefferson
Center for Translational Neuromedicine Stefanie A Fingler
Center for Vaccine Biology & Immunology Dina  R Marcoccia
Center for Visual Sciences Teresa M Williams
Chemical Engineering Sandra E Willison
Chemistry Donna J Dolan
Clinical & Social Psychology Loretta M Pratt
Clinical & Social Psychology - Children's Institute Geralyn Ann Cone
Clinical & Social Psychology - Mt. Hope Family Ctr Elizabeth J Gosian
Clinical & Translational Science Institute Kathleen M Jensen
Clinical Engineering Susan Trupo
Clinical Evaluation/Quality Assurance/ Quality Improvement Judith M Hughes
Compliance Office - URMC Annette Borrelli
Computer Science Eileen Pullara
Continuity of Care & Case Management/Social Work Marina Marchioli Sheroshek
Dean's Office - College of Arts and Sciences Jessica Foster
Dean's Office - SMD Lori Ann McBride
Dean's Office - Staff Sarah L Girouard
Dean's Office SEAS Sandra Mechelle Turner
Dermatology Carla Ann Boff
Director's Office - SMH Terrell T Robinson
Earth & Environmental Sciences Kathleen Lutz
Eastman Institute for Oral Health (Includes Dentistry SMD & SMH) Paula  A Sheppard
Eastman School of Music Michele L Prober
Economics Arianna LR Dorschel
Electrical & Computer Engineering Angela P White
Emergency Medicine Tawni L Biggins
English Lucianne C Peck
Environmental Health & Safety Rita C Simolo
Environmental Medicine Debra L Bendschneider
Environmental Services - SMD Colleen A Kowalczyk
Environmental Services - SMH Mary S Riolo
Facilities & Services - Associate VP Offices Kathleen V Winthrop
Facilities & Services - Finance  & Human Resources Colleen Williams
Facilities & Services - Mail Karen J Uschold
Facilities & Services - Parking Yawana T Dearring
Facilities & Services - Resident Life Operations Sharon Benson
Facilities & Services - URMC Linda A Nesbitt
Facilities & Services - Utility/Energy Mgmt Jill A Chudyk
Facilities and Services - Support Operations Jefvern White
Facilties & Services - RC Operations Kathleen V Winthrop
Faculty Development & Diversity Barbara Tanski
Family Medicine Jennifer L Barth
Finance - URMC Donna M Howell
Financial Aid Ursula Balent
Financial Services - SMH Sharon M Sterner
Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network Peggy Cruz
Food & Nutrition Services Paul A Hermle Jr
Friends of Strong Melanie Oldfield
Government & Community Relations Patricia J Habets
Health Information Management Nancy E Ciminelli
Health Science Libraries & Technologies Patricia S Lynch
History Jacquilyn Rizzo
Human Resources Joshua Lehman
Human Resources Heather E Pulver
Imaging Sciences - Angio & General X-Ray Kristen Kozak
Imaging Sciences - Billing Office Denise M Massaro
Imaging Sciences - Clerical SMH Victoria Morris
Imaging Sciences - CT Sandra J Smashe
Imaging Sciences - Faculty/Admin Support Darlene Cushman
Imaging Sciences - MRI William Badger
Imaging Sciences - Nuclear Medicine Kevin Kibler
Imaging Sciences - Ortho Thomas James Murray
Imaging Sciences - PET Center Robert E White
Imaging Sciences - Radiology Admin/Support SMH Karen Herczeg
Imaging Sciences - Ultrasound Erin E Doudt
Infection Prevention - SMH Terrell T Robinson
Information Systems - URMC Joanna E Kresse
Institutional Resources Tammy S Lancy
International Services Office Keri C Tobin
Kearns Center Collette Kettles
Laboratory for Laser Energetics John Schoen
Linguistics Erica Marie Dayton
Marketing - URMC Sheila M Hallett
Materials Management - SMH Chloe N Alexander
Mathematics Hazel Ann McKnight
MC Copy Center Patricia J Habets
Mechanical Engineering Ruth A Eberlin
Medical School Finance Mary J Fisher
Medicine - Administration Jacqueline Lee Shellman
Medicine - Billing Office Marilyn Frances Martinus
Medicine - Cardiology Division Lorraine Hillman
Medicine - Endocrinology/Metabolism Division Lisah Jayne Walden
Medicine - Gastroenterology Division Wendy  L Johnson
Medicine - General Medicine Division Nanette D Tiano
Medicine - Hospital Medicine Division Amelia L Patterson
Medicine - Immunology/Rheumatology Division Joy Ann Gangross
Medicine - Infectious Disease Wendy C Lepsch
Medicine - Nephrology Division Marilyn C Miran
Medicine - Palliative Care Brenda D Herrmann
Medicine - Pulmonary/Critical Care Kimberly S Delong
Memorial Art Gallery Donna DeFord
Microbiology & Immunology Joyce Price
Modern Languages & Cultures Tyler E Brogan
Monroe Community Hospital - Geriatric Karen McDowell-Morrison
Multidisciplinary Studies Center Sarah L Girouard
Music Elaine Marie Stroh
Neurobiology & Anatomy Patricia A Thomson
Neurology Mary H Eichorn
Neurosurgery Meghan E Plog
Nursing Practice - Administration Barbara Growney
Nursing Practice - Adult Lisa M Walravens
Nursing Practice - Advanced Practice Nicole Zimmer
Nursing Practice - Ambulatory Surgery Center - Sawgrass Nancy K Schaefer
Nursing Practice - Cardiovascular Dawn K Buss
Nursing Practice - Clinical Research Ann P Miller
Nursing Practice - Critical Care David H Lent
Nursing Practice - Emergency Suellen Hart
Nursing Practice - OB-GYN Deborah J Hamilton
Nursing Practice - Oncology Patricia Bieck
Nursing Practice - Pediatrics Jeanne M Kirby
Nursing Practice - Psychiatric Angeline Marie Rios
Nursing Practice - Surgical Support Deborah A Cook
Obstetrics & Gynecology Susan E DeLeys
Office for Human Subject Protection Janice Taylor
Office of Corporate Alliances Patricia J Habets
Office of Counsel - URMC Joyce K Crosby
Office of Excell Partners Patricia J Habets
Office of Sr VP & COO - URMC Patricia J Habets
Office of Sr VP for Health Sciences Patricia J Habets
Office of the Dean of Students Joanne E King
Office of the Secretary Susan A Niggli
Office of University Counsel Gail M Norris
Offices for Graduate Medical Education Theresa A Kosciol
Offices for Medical Education Theresa A Kosciol
Ophthalmology Maria Harisis
Orthopaedics Lindsay M Scowcroft
Otolaryngology Kristen A Cummings
Pathology & Lab Medicine Axel Kairies
Patient Accounts Christine M Rose
Payroll Patricia R Picard
Pediatrics Maryellen Capezzuto
Pharmacology & Physiology Lori J White
Pharmacy Amy L Sproveri
Philosophy Cheryl Bodensteiner
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Joanne Cianci
Physics & Astronomy Shirley L Brignall
Political Science Anne Marie Tyll
President's Office Susan A Niggli
Primary Care - Administration Janine M Cooke
Primary Care - Brockport Medical Associates Nancy  M Wilson
Primary Care - Canalside Family Medicine Susan E MacCollum
Primary Care - Clinton Crossings Internal Medicine Pamela L Taylor
Primary Care - Clinton Medical Associates Michelle T Theodorakakos
Primary Care - Eastside Internal Medicine Joan Mary Wallance
Primary Care - Gates Medical Group Ruth K Lucas
Primary Care - LeRoy Medical Associates Michelle Panasiewicz
Primary Care - Medical Associates of Henrietta Ana Daniels
Primary Care - North Ponds Family Medicine-Maternal Care Roberto Mancebo
Primary Care - Olsan Medical Group Donna B Pafka
Primary Care - Panorama Internal Medicine Karyn Rogerson
Primary Care - Perinton Pediatrics Sheryl L Forstbauer
Primary Care - Pulsifer Medical Associates Joan H Bruno
Primary Care - Rochester Internal Medicine Associates Michelle P Mackey
Primary Care - Southview Internal Medicine Linda Colon
Primary Care - Strong West Internal Medicine Nancy  M Wilson
Primary Care - Twelve Corners Internal Medicine Melody Schlosser
Primary Care Physicians Janine M Cooke
Program Administrators Terrell T Robinson
Provost's Office Barbara Tanski
Psychiatry Kaylee E Streeter
Public Health Sciences Barbara Arnold
Public Relations & Communications - URMC Jennifer  K Weber
Public Safety Keri A Stein
Purchasing Mary Ellen Arden
Radiation Oncology Mary Patricia Allen
Real Estate Services - URMC Emma J Tramel
Registrar's Office Nancy Clark Specht
Religion & Classics Suzanne M Brooks
Research & Project Administration Amy Crosby
Residential Life Fazeelah A Chappell
Respiratory Care - SMH Stephanie M Short
River Campus Libraries Kathryn Papas
School of Nursing Nancy Kita
Senior VP for Research Barbara Tanski
SH Regional Administration Patricia J Habets
Simon Graduate School of Business David E Vore
SMD Academic IT Gail D Marriott
Space & Strategic Planning - URMC Eric T Gommel
Special Patient Services Patricia J Habets
Spencerport Urgent Care Tawni L Biggins
Strong West Charles R D'Agostino
Student Activities Susan M Nielsen
Study Abroad & Interdepartmental Program Sarah L Girouard
Surgery Jodi L Barker
Surgical Support - Sterile Processing Deborah M Campbell
Surgical Support Services Cara C Barone
Surgical Support Services Deborah M Campbell
The Institute of Optics Noelene M Votens
Transportation - SMH Anthony  P Niger II
University Advancement Kathleen E Nagle-Roides
University Audit Salim M Alani
University Communications Phyllis T Mangefrida
University Council on Graduate Studies Barbara Tanski
University Counseling Center Janice Ann Callens
University Finance Patricia S Reed
University Health Service Janice Ann Callens
University IT Mary Ann Gardone
UR Ventures Erin E Miterko
URMC Accountantable Care Network Patricia J Habets
URMC Education Services Kimberly Ann Every
URMC Medical Staff Services Jane W Simpson
URMFG - Administration Lori Hannigan
URMFG - Business Office Carolyn  M Harter
URMFG - Health IT Innovation Center Lori Hannigan
URMFG Central Insurance Verification Linda Schultz
Urology Marsay D Houston
Utilization Management Pauline P McCleary
Vivarium & Lab Animal Medicine Helena Frierson
VP Strong Health & CEO SMH Patricia J Habets
Warner School of Education Christopher D Penders
Web Services - URMC Joyce Petruzzelli
Wilmot Cancer Center Antonina Pagliaro
Writing, Speaking, and Argument Kara N Shierly