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September 2020 Upgrade Overview

UR Student

UR Student Newsletter

Having a student system that evolves with changing academic and administrative realities was one of our strategic guidelines for implementing UR Student. In this effort, UR Student performs system upgrades twice a year that could introduce new features, fixes, and/or functionality to users. In addition to these events held in September and March, weekly maintenance is conducted to address smaller fixes and improvements. Visit our UR Student Service site for our upgrade and maintenance schedules.

On September 12th UR Student completed its first system upgrade. Items listed below highlight changes that affect you.

Understanding New UR Student Features


Changes that Affect All Users (Faculty, Staff, Students)


Changes by Role
  • Student Records Administrators
    • UR Student now uses Date Controls at an Academic Level. This provides course flexibility for date controls at an academic level. The UR Student team will provide this group further details on how to use this new feature.
  • Change of Status Coordinators and Some Admission Officers Who Manage Cancellations and Deferrals in UR Student
    • Appropriate users may now enter a enter a date when discontinuing a student, as opposed to having is prepopulated. Additionally, students with a Program of Study status of “Matriculated” can now be discontinued using the Discontinue Academic Record business process. (Previously, only “In Progress” students could be discontinued using this business process. The system now also displays any future registrations that will be dropped through the process of discontinuing a student.
  • Change of Status Coordinators
    • Appropriate users may now mass discontinue students whose program of study status is “Matriculated.” This will assist schools with the clean up of academic records. The UR Student team will provide this group further details on how to use this new feature.
  • Advisors, Registrars, and Those Who Work with Cohort Membership
    • Previously, the system would limit the display of student members of a cohort to 1000 when viewing a particular cohort. Now, the limitation has been removed and all members will be shown, even if the cohort membership exceeds 1000.
  • Cohort Managers
    • The related action from the student profile for “Remove Student from Cohort” had been malfunctioning causing users who manage cohort memberships to have to type the task “Remove Student from Cohort” into the search bar. The related action for Remove Student from cohort is once again functional. The UR Student team will provide this group further details on this fix and more.
Please note, any UR Student support ticket resolved by fixes as a result of this upgrade will be closed with a notification back to the individual requesting assistance.
Contact the Help Desk at or (585) 275-2000, or submit a ticket if you experience any issues.