Tiffany + Rochester: Forever Connected

Volunteering is a great way to give back. Tiffany Taylor Smith ’91 currently serves on Rochester’s Diversity Council, among other committees. You can also make a difference by getting involved.

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Tiffany Renee Taylor ’91
MajorsBA in psychology, certificate in management studies
OccupationExecutive Director for Inclusive Excellence Education and Professional Development at the University of Dayton

Tiffany Renee Taylor applied to the University of Rochester after poring over the college brochures and making an extensive campus visit. She was thrilled to be accepted and arrived in the fall with a plan. But like many college freshmen, it took some time for her to settle in and feel comfortable. 

What made the difference?  

“I got involved,” says Renee Taylor. “There were opportunities to join clubs and even start organizations. And there were faculty and staff who helped us navigate it all. The University is like a training ground for leadership.” 

That training paved the way for a 25-year career in human resources, teaching, and consulting, working with educational, corporate, and community organizations to build intercultural competencies. 

Along the way, she has remained as engaged with the University as she was as a student, serving on the New York City Metro Leadership Council, several reunion committees, and the Diversity Council. 

Most recently, Renee Taylor started a mentoring program with the Douglass Leadership House, which aims to celebrate and raise awareness of black culture, politics, and history. 

“I realized that there were ways in which I and others could offer these students support, because we walked in their shoes,” she says.  

“As much as I’ve received from other people, I want to ensure that I give back. There’s a sense of connectedness that I have to the U of R.  And there isn’t anything that they would ask me to do that I wouldn’t do.”  

Read more about Tiffany Renee Taylor and her work to build diverse communities. 

Lead the way 
To learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference, contact Karen Chance Mercurius, Associate Vice President for Alumni and Constituent Relations, at (585) 275-1710.

—Margaret Bogumil and Michelle Hildreth, March 2018