Networking events help alumni thrive and connect

Networking events help alumni thrive and connect

Anju Gupta ’90, ‘91S (MBA) reflects on her experiences with the Alumni Network

Anju Gupta with her husband and daughter

Anju Gupta with her husband and daughter

When Anju Gupta ’90, ‘91S (MBA) graduated from the University of Rochester and moved to California, she was excited to immerse herself in her new life. While attending the university, she participated in a 3-2 program that allowed her to receive both her BA and MBA in just four years, due to her credits from Advanced Placement high school courses and summer classes. When Gupta thinks of her time at Rochester, she fondly remembers studying abroad in England where she worked as an intern in British parliament. While she now works as a Consultant for Dell Technologies in Austin, Gupta first explored her finance career in Los Angeles. Although LA was full of young professionals, it wasn’t as easy to make connections as she had anticipated.

Gupta decided to tap into the UR Alumni Network. By attending alumni events, she made friends with people who lived in her area who she would not have met if it weren’t for the network. She says, “Especially living on the west coast, when you meet someone from the University of Rochester from the east coast, you immediately feel connected.”

“My alumni network is one of my first go-to places to help open doors.”

Gupta has always made it a habit to attend alumni events. She says, “My alumni network is one of my first go-to places to help open doors.” For instance, when Gupta moved to Dallas a few years ago, she met an alumna from the Eastman School of Music, with whom she had not interacted during her studies. The Eastman alumna invited Gupta to her book club, which then introduced her to larger social circle.

At another Dallas event, Gupta met an alumnus from Simon Business School. She networked with him, became friends with his wife, and even interviewed at his company. Although she didn’t end up joining his team, she was grateful for the professional and personal connection.

Gupta says that alumni events always offer a welcoming environment in which it is easy to make friends. “We have a shared experience and that makes it easier for us to connect. There’s a level of openness and trust when you meet someone who went to your university, especially when you’re in a new place away from that environment.”

Gupta encourages alumni to be open to new ideas when it comes to events. “If there isn’t an event and you have an idea for something, definitely suggest it. There are a lot of people who are willing to jump in and help create an event. You’re not alone.”

No matter where you are with your career or where you are in the world, Gupta says it is always worth the effort to attend an alumni event. “It’s a great experience and you feel like you’re in this special yet very inclusive club.”

— Sydney Burrows