Student Callers

These dedicated students connect with alumni and parents of the University throughout year. They are calling to provide campus updates and keep you informed on what is happening at the University.

Calls also provide an opportunity for you to support your passion at the University. Our students understand the impact your gifts have on student experiences and enjoy an opportunity to personally thank you for all that you do to support the University.

If you’re a current Rochester student and are interested in job opportunities at the call center, email us at

Haneesh Gurram photo

“Being a part of this team has given me the opportunity to interact with people in different walks of life, understand them and learn from their experiences. It has helped me develop my interpersonal skills and is an amazing way to contribute and help the University make a positive change for the current and incoming students!” – Saumya Patodia, Simon Business School Masters Candidate and Student Caller

Did you know?

  • Callers come from a variety of academic backgrounds such as business, pre-health, international relations, and engineering. They are also leaders who are involved with various campus programs.
  • The Student Call Center is located in a University of Rochester residence hall.
  • Approximately 25 student callers are employed at the Call Center at a given time.
  • Student callers make more than 500,000 phone calls and connect with about 30,000 members of the University of Rochester community each year.

Our students are looking forward to talking with you. Thank you for your support!

“I enjoy working as a Student Fundraiser because I have a chance to talk to the Alumni everyday, know them and that’s really fun, informative. And I am happy for the fact that I am helping my university to raise funds to build various resources.” – Haneesh Gurram, Simon Business School Masters Candidate and Student Caller