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COVID-19 symptoms or exposure? Find out what to do if you or a close contact have symptoms or think you may have been exposed.
Health and Safety

COVID incident report form available to express concerns

Every member of the University community has a shared responsibility to act in ways that reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and abide by the safety measures and policies put in place that help keep those learning, working, and living at the University safe and healthy. If students, faculty or staff observe that an individual or group is not acting responsibly with regard to COVID, these incidents can be reported through the COVID-19 Concern Report.

Examples may include concerns about gatherings, lack of mask wearing or social distancing, or any other issue that presents a risk to individual or communal health, and it can be something observed once or repeatedly. Follow-up action can be requested in the form and the University will investigate these reports.

In general, students should first report their concerns to deans, RAs, or their advisors; staff should report to supervisors; and faculty should report to chairs or deans. However, the new COVID incident report form presents an additional reporting option for individuals who may not be comfortable reporting along these lines.


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