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Face Mask Guidelines

Masking is no longer required on University campuses or on University transportation/shuttles. However, because masking is still an effective method to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and many other contagious illnesses including the flu, we expect people who are experiencing symptoms of COVID or other contagious illnesses to isolate if possible, and wear a well-fitting mask if isolation is impossible. We continue to encourage anyone who chooses to wear a mask to do so.

It is important to remember that masking is a personal choice, and no individual should be shamed or ridiculed for choosing to wear one.

University officials will continue to monitor our area’s infection rates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and we will use those data, along with information about the seriousness of new COVID variants, to determine if there is a need to re-implement a face mask requirement on our campuses. Face masks will be an infection prevention measure if cases surge in the community.

Exceptions to the guidelines

This current guidance applies to all of the University’s campuses with the following carve-outs:

  • URMC: Medical Center (URMC) patient care areas “Blue Zone” still require masks until further notice. URMC students and employees should visit the URMC intranet for more information (login credentials required).
  • UHS: Face masks also are required within University Health Service (UHS) spaces.
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