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COVID-19 symptoms or exposure? Find out what to do if you or a close contact have symptoms or think you may have been exposed.

Dr. Chat Bot student text reminders to start soon

Students: we have heard you and we’re going to start texting you daily reminders about doing Dr. Chat Bot, but we need your help.

The phone number University IT will use to text you is located in the University’s AlertUR database. However, there are a lot of students for which no cell phone number is listed in AlertUR, or the number listed may not be current. Without this information being updated, we won’t be able to text you Dr. Chat Bot reminders, and even more importantly you won’t receive emergency AlertUR texts during a campus crisis or life-threatening situation.

Here’s what you can do now:

  • Go to on your phone or computer.
  • Log in with your NetID.
  • Add your cell phone number for texts—this will be the only phone number used to send you text reminders. The phone number must be in the 10-digit format, for example 585-222-1234.

Everyone is automatically registered in AlertUR with their University email, so that information does not need to be changed unless you want to enter an additional email address.

Dr. Chat Bot Texts

On or about October 23, daily reminders to complete Dr. Chat Bot will arrive via text, in addition to the one email reminder that will still be delivered each morning. The reminder text message will arrive to students at about 10 a.m. every morning and include the screening link.

Dr. Chat Bot is required for everyone who is physically on any University campus—River Campus, Medical Center, Eastman School, Memorial Art Gallery—at any time of day or night, and including students who live in campus residence halls. It only takes a few seconds. Even when you have no symptoms to report, Dr. Chat Bot participation is still extremely important for building a dataset large enough to monitor.

The daily Dr. Chat Bot screenings are helping to keep the University community healthy, and helps University Health Service (UHS) closely monitor student health and wellness on campus. Especially with the upcoming flu season arriving, the daily self-monitoring and reporting of symptoms will be critical to properly managing and treating student illness.

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