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Leadership Messages

Emergency childcare program for essential employees begins Jan. 4

From: Kathy Gallucci, Interim CHRO University of Rochester
To: University Leadership and Staff

With COVID-19 currently surging in our community, many frontline workers who interact with patients or directly support students as part of their job are working additional shifts or being asked to work additional hours. We recognize that these employees may need additional support for childcare for their school-aged children. To assist in providing this support, the University is partnering with the YMCA of Greater Rochester to bring its School of Rock program to the University campus for six weeks, beginning in early January to ease these childcare challenges.

The School of Roc program provides childcare and support for various remote learning activities for students ages five through twelve. The program will be housed in the Fauver Stadium Event Space on the River Campus and will run from January 4, 2021 to February 12, 2021. Eligible parents will have flexible options to enroll their children to receive care between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. for up to five days a week, Monday through Friday. For those using the Regional Transit System (RTS) there will be a free shuttle from the RTS stop at Eastman Dental to and from the Field House.

There is a limited number of spots and requests will be considered and approved on a first-come basis beginning December 28, 2020. To be eligible you must be an essential worker who works in direct patient care or provides direct student support. The cost of the program is as follows (note that *Rates will be pro-rated for part-time attendance less than five days per week):

  • Essential employees earning less than or equal to $75,000 will be charged $50 per week* per child
  • Essential employees earning between $75,001 and $100,000 will be charged $75 per week* per child
  • Essential employees earning between $100,001 and $125,000 will be charged $100 per week* per child
  • Essential employees earning over $125,000 annually will be charged $150 per week* per child

Please contact University Human Resources at to begin the approval and registration process.

Bargaining unit employees are subject to the terms of their contract and are not eligible to receive this subsidized rate. Employees who belong to a bargaining unit may still apply to use the program if working as a front-line worker in patient care or student support areas. SEIU bargaining unit staff may also apply for a voucher through the SEIU child care fund.

This is a short-term arrangement to address an urgent and immediate need. We are continuing to work with our community both internally and externally to identify accessible and inclusive opportunities to support employee needs related to child care and to provide other avenues for wellness and emotional health support. We are all in this together and we are committed to supporting our employees as we continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic.

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