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Information for Faculty and Staff

Latest updates

  • Missing in-person class due to COVID-19: As in the case of other illnesses and excused absences, faculty are expected to make reasonable accommodations for students in COVID isolation, including allowing them to participate in class to the extent possible, and to make up all missed assignments. Faculty are not expected to offer synchronous remote class participation, but are expected to provide access to course materials to the degree practicable, such as making available asynchronous recordings of classes (if the class is recorded) and/or lecture notes. As with other illnesses, students are not expected to show their instructors a positive COVID test result in order to gain access to the accommodations.
  • Vaccine requirement comes to an end: The University announced on May 30 that COVID-19 vaccination will no longer be required of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Masking is no longer required on campuses and shuttlesExceptions include Medical Center and University Health Service locations.

When to return to work if you test positive

Find out guidelines for isolation and returning to work if you have tested positive for COVID-19.

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