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Winter stay and spring arrival details (AS&E and ESM)

Updated January 7, 2021

Winter Stay and Spring Arrival for AS&E and Eastman School of Music

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Returning to campuses in Spring 2021

Updated 1/7 The University has shared full move-in details for the spring semester here.

View the spring semester arrival plan

In addition, all students in Arts, Sciences & Engineering and the Eastman School of Music—including off-campus students and graduate students—are asked to submit their intended spring semester 2021 plans via this online survey. The deadline for final survey submissions is January 10, 2021 for Spring 2021 plans.

It was requested that students complete the survey with their spring plans by December 9 and work with residential life, if appropriate, to ensure your spring term bill is accurate. Students may update their information in the form, but to ensure their spring bill was accurate, they should have responded no sooner than December 9.

For questions, please contact:

Information about Winter Stay

The Winter Stay period has been divided into two parts:

The short-term stay is designed for students who would benefit from remaining on-campus for the remainder of the fall semester.

The long-term stay is for students who require living accommodations until the beginning of the spring semester. Note that those staying on campus either short- or long-term will learn remotely over this period; there will be no in-person class meetings.

  • Short Term stay: November 25 – December 19, 2020
  • Long Term Stay: November 25 – January 22, 2021

Students requesting either Winter Stay option are subject to the following conditions:

  • Students will not be charged an additional fee for housing over Winter Stay.
  • Students will be responsible for charges associated with declining balances and meal plans. See section below for details.
  • Students must stay within the 100-mile radius as defined by University policy for the fall term. This includes during the holidays. If a student does leave, they will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon return. This policy as well as other University and residential life COVID related policies remain in place for the duration of Winter Stay.
  • Students agree to remain in their current housing locations for the Winter Stay period except for Eastman students who relocated to assigned rooms on the River Campus on November 25, 2020. Students are not allowed to temporarily move to another student’s suite or apartment.
  • Current COVID-19 protocols for de-densifying, distancing and masking remain in place for this period.

Updated 12/15 Students remaining on campus for the winter can find support and connect through the UR Winter Survivors Facebook group. A newsletter with updates, resources, and events will be sent via email on Sundays starting December 20. Students staying on campus for the long stay will automatically receive this publication, but anyone can subscribe. For updates and more information, visit the Winter Session website.

The Greene Center for Career Education and Connections is also there for students over Winter Break. If you are looking for something to do during this time, the center has some ideas for you to explore. If you’d like to talk through some of these options, brainstorm ideas, or discuss your interests, advisors are available for 1:1 appointments, Monday through Friday.

Information about Winter Stay dining

For the short-term stay, there is no required dining plan. However, Dining Services will have several dining locations operating on a break schedule.

Dining Services recommends that students have an appropriate level of declining dollars and/or UROS to use During the short-term stay the recommended amount is $460. For the long-term stay, all students living in campus residence halls will additionally be required to purchase a meal plan that covers the period of December 19 to January 22. Students may not opt out of the plan. The cost of the plan will be $895 and it will cover two meals per day. For planning purposes, the total cost of declining and the meal plan for the entire period (November 25 to January 22) would be $1,355 for students with the recommended balance, but only the long-term plan of $895 is required.

For College students, anyone receiving financial aid can have the long-term stay meal plan added to their spring term aid. Eastman students should contact the Eastman Financial Aid office ( to discuss their options. Requests for support can be submitted through the online survey. Students identified as having financial need will receive varying levels of support that allows them to meet the cost of the long-term stay dining plan through a combination of their own financial contributions (including all previously offered forms of financial aid) and College/Eastman assistance.

Building access

Students will have access only to their current building as has been the practice during the fall term. Students will have access to the first floor of Susan B. Anthony Hall to access Hillside.

Students who haven’t registered for winter stay will not have building access. This includes students who will be returning in Spring 2021 but decided to return home as of November 25.

RAs will be staffing residence halls for the break period. They will be doing rounds and providing small group and virtual activities for students. Additionally, Wilson Commons Student Activities and Eastman’s Office of Student Activities have been arranging to provide limited programming for those students who will be remaining on-campus.

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