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FAQ: Events and Campus Visitors

Information for the University community

Updated January 22, 2021

Explore answers to common questions about guidelines for events and gatherings as well as restrictions for campus visitors.

All University events need pre-approval of a Cabinet-level official prior to any significant planning or reservations taking place. Cabinet-approved on-campus events that would normally be open to the public are now only open to students, faculty, staff and approved visitors and guests—those who are already approved to be physically present for essential academic or research activities.

Under COVID, the University is defining an event as any gathering of more than five people in one indoor or outdoor space that is not part of a class, work-, or course-related activity, and that is organized by an academic or administrative department or student organization or paid for with University funds.

All event attendees must properly wear a face mask/covering whenever inside a building, or outside when 6 feet of physical distancing is not possible.

For full details, including accessing event proposal forms and specific safety protocols, reference this guidance.

Additional outdoor gathering clarifications:

  • Low-risk activities (as defined by New York State) including flying disc games and bean bag toss are allowed. Always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after these activities and sanitize any shared items before and after use.
  • Updated 11/24 As-of November 23, much of Monroe County entered the Orange Zone, which limits outdoor low-risk gatherings to 10 people. Gathering in groups larger than 10 people while engaging in low-risk activities is not permitted. Learn more about Orange Zone restrictions.
  • For outdoor events on the Wilson Quad (movies, yoga), there will be spots marked 6 feet apart. Once you get to your spot and are sitting alone you can remove your mask. If you want to sit with others you can sit closer than 6 feet apart but need to keep masked through the entire event.
  • Events in the tent are considered outdoor events and if all participants are masked, everyone does not need to be 6 feet apart.

Updated 1/22 Casual guests and non-essential visitors are prohibited from the River Campus and Eastman School of Music. Students may not host visitors or guests during the spring semester.

In order to limit campus density, only essential visitors with formal appointments in units and invited guests with prior approval will be allowed to visit any facility at these locations.

Formal visitors and invited guests should have an obvious and documented relationship that overtly furthers the University’s academic and/or research mission. All approved visitors and guests will be required to complete the University’s COVID-19 training and daily symptom tracking via Dr. Chat Bot.

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