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New University app lets students easily show their COVID-19 vaccination status

A screenshot of the UR COVID-19 Vaccine Status App user interfaceUniversity IT has developed an app for a smartphone or computer that University of Rochester students can use to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status. Similar to the way that University students present proof of their Dr. Chat Bot completion by showing University officials a “check mark” screen, the new UR COVID-19 Vaccine Status app allows for the same type of presentation when it comes to needing to show vaccination status to enter University events, activities or campus spaces. The new app was designed to work immediately for Commencement events and activities, as well as into the fall semester.

Any University student can use the UR COVID-19 Vaccine Status app. In order for the app to work, full-time students are still required to upload their official vaccination data to UHSConnect, which is the system that the new app relies upon to securely pull data.

Here’s how the UR COVID-19 Vaccine Status app works:
  • University students can visit the app on the COVID-19 Resource website from a smartphone or computer. Access to the app will also be available through the URMobile app.
  • Once a student is logged in using their NetID, the app will retrieve the student’s COVID-19 vaccination record, but only if it’s on file with UHS. This is why it’s essential that students upload their vaccination data through UHSConnect first.
  • When the app retrieves the vaccination status, it will respond with one of three screens:
    1. “Vaccine Status Meets Requirements.” This is a green box that indicates that a student is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and the screen can be presented as proof. The screen—or a screenshot of it—can either be shown on a smartphone, or printed out on a computer.
    2. “Vaccine Status Does Not Meet Requirements.” This is an orange box that indicates there might be a problem with a student’s vaccine—maybe it hasn’t been 14 days since the final shot, or maybe a second shot hasn’t been received or recorded. If a student receives this orange box message, and they have been fully vaccinated and meet the other criteria, they should log into UHSConnect and view their actual vaccination record to make sure there’s no errors; the record can be viewed under the My Profile tab in the upper left hand corner of UHSConnect. Re-uploading a vaccination record into UHSConnect may be necessary.
    3. “Vaccine Status Unknown.” This is a red box that generally means that a student’s COVID-19 vaccine is not on file with UHS. Again, students are encouraged to check UHSConnect (under My Profile) to ensure their vaccine record has been properly uploaded. See full instructions on using UHSConnect.

There may be a lag of a day between when proof of vaccination is uploaded to UHS Connect, and when it appears as valid on the UR COVID-19 Vaccine Status app. UHS staff are reviewing, approving, and entering student vaccine proofs as they come into UHS Connect, and this is only done during regular business hours.

Students can still provide official paper proof of vaccination as needed to University officials for events and other campus requirements, however the new app is intended to make it easier for students to regularly show their vaccination status, and makes it more efficient for it to be quickly reviewed. Using the new app is not a part of the requirement for graduating seniors to upload their vaccination proof to participate in Commencement ceremonies or Senior Week events, but it will make it quicker to check in students. The app is simply a supplemental way for students to easily show proof of vaccination.

Visit the UR COVID-19 Vaccine Status app

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