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Plan for spring semester move-out

Below please find the details for students moving out of their River Campus or Eastman School of Music (ESM) residence from May 7 – May 24, 2021.

Important dates

  • Last day of classes: Friday, May 7
  • Final exams: Monday, May 10 – Saturday, May 15
  • Undergraduate AS&E Commencement: Thursday, May 20
  • AS&E diploma ceremonies: Friday, May 21 – Saturday, May 22
  • Undergraduate ESM Commencement: Sunday, May 23
  • Residence Halls (including the ESM Student Living Center) close: Monday, May 24 at noon

Key points

  • Students must vacate their on-campus residence 48 hours after their last spring term final examination. Extensions must be approved by a AS&E – Area Office/ ESM – Student Living Center. Graduating seniors may remain until noon Monday, May 24, 2021.
  • Students with an active Summer 2021 housing contract may remain in their current room until their summer room is available for occupancy. Students will receive this information from the summer housing program.
  • Students working on campus for a University of Rochester department or program (such as Event and Classroom Management, Wilson Commons Student Activities, Athletics, Dining Services or other programs supporting Commencement) may stay through residence hall closing on Monday, May 24, at noon. Residential Life must receive a roster of these student employees directly from the department or program that employs the students.

Directions on vacating the residence halls at the end of the term

Read and follow all specific instructions that you receive from your Area Office.

When you are ready to leave, please pack all of your belongings, remove all trash and put it into the appropriate trash room or dumpster. There is no on-campus storage available for student belongings. Do not leave any personal belongings in your room, whether or not you believe some future resident may like to have these. Anything left behind is considered abandoned property and you will be charged for its removal.

Similar to move-in in August and January, students may have one family member assist them with moving out. If more than one family member comes to campus, the others must remain outdoors, with the vehicle.

Students and family members are expected to maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times while on campus. Family members will not be required to show proof of testing or vaccination.

During Commencement weekend, all ceremonies are restricted to graduating seniors and participating staff members only.  Family members may not attend Commencement ceremonies. The campus remains closed to visitors.  Family members who are assisting with move-out may only be in the area of the residence hall that the student is moving out of.

Once you have cleared your room of all personal belongings and trash, you must check out by leaving your keys in the appropriate location:

All check-outs are “Express” meaning that you will leave your key(s) in a labeled envelope and deposit the envelope in the location designated by your area office.

  • Gilbert, Hoeing, Tiernan, Lovejoy, Crosby, Burton, Fraternity Quad Houses: Gilbert Hall Office, rear entrance
  • Susan B. Anthony and Genesee: Susan B. Anthony Service Desk in main lobby
  • Anderson, Wilder and O’Brien: Jackson Court Area Office in O’Brien Lobby
  • Chambers, Fairchild, Gale, Kendrick, Munro and Slater: Hill Court Area Office in Gale Lobby
  • Brooks Crossing and Riverview Apartments: Riverview ARA Office in Riverview Building A or Undergraduate Apartments Office in B114A Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • deKiewiet, Valentine and Maisonettes: Southside Service Desk in Valentine Lobby or Undergraduate Apartments Office in B114A Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Student Living Center (Eastman Campus): SLC Front Desk in the Lobby or Office of Student Affairs, Suite 103

If you have any questions about moving out of your room, please contact your Area Office directly.

A note on COVID testing

The University will not require departing students to have a COVID-19 test. Any students who are interested in receiving a COVID test prior to their departure should contact University Health Service at (585) 275-2662 for information regarding testing appointments and availability.

If you are required to provide a negative test at your next destination, please have specific testing requirement information when you contact UHS so that they know what type of test you will need.

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