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Guidance regarding quarantine options for students from hot spot states

Updated August 5, 2020

For the latest updates, visit the Quarantine Options FAQ page.

As a follow-up to our July 13 communication about New York State (NYS) quarantine requirements, we are providing additional details and options for students arriving to Rochester from the specific states with high COVID-19 transmission rates—“hot spot” states. New York State’s list of restricted/hot spot states is updated daily as certain states come off of the list, as well as when new ones are added.

Again, the University is still in active in discussions with the state and other higher education institutions and associations across New York to help find an alternative to requiring our students from hot spot states to quarantine for 14 days. We do not yet know what this alternative might be, but will keep you informed if it becomes available.

  • Undergraduate students living on campus: Students arriving from restricted (hot spot) states must choose one of the options listed below and must register and/or notify the University of their plans using this online form. For more information visit
  • Undergraduate students living off campus: Students arriving from restricted (hot spot) states who are living off campus should plan to quarantine in their off-campus residence. Quarantine must be completed prior to coming on campus for any reason.
  • Graduate students: All graduate students arriving from restricted (hot spot) states should plan to quarantine in their graduate housing space or their off-campus residence. Quarantine must be completed prior to coming on campus for any reason.

Four quarantine options

All undergraduate students coming from international locations or states on the New York State list of “Restricted States must choose one of the following options and must register and/or notify the University of their plans using this online form:

Option 1: Wait it out

Undergraduate students coming from hot spot states who are planning to live on campus can choose to wait until their home state comes off of the NYS restricted list. Students will be able to take their classes online until that time and then move to Rochester. The University will arrange for several arrival dates after the start of the semester for both domestic and international students who are unable to arrive by the time classes begin on Aug. 26. Depending on when students from hot spot states are able to arrive on campus during the fall semester, on-campus room and dining rates will be retroactively pro-rated. Students will have until the end of October to come to campus.

* Option 2: Arrive August 1 and participate in University-sponsored quarantine

* Please note: This option is no longer available

The University is making available to residential undergraduates the option to participate in University-sponsored quarantine at the University—in the Riverview Apartments—from Aug. 1–14 with no additional housing charge. There are 600 available slots for this quarantine space in a variety of on-campus and off-campus locations that the University will assign on a first-come, first-served basis. All rooms will be singles, with no shared bathrooms.

This option requires arrival on Aug. 1 with an end-date for quarantine of Aug. 14. Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on these dates.

Although housing will be provided free of charge, quarantining students will be responsible for their food costs during this time. Students have variety and flexibility for dining options, including using URos or a credit card for Grubhub delivery. They can make a deposit in their URos account ($40 per day is a suggested budget) at Students are also free to use any other delivery service, including Instacart, or can cook on-site if their quarantine space has a kitchen. Support to offset these costs for high-need students is available from the Basic Needs Hub. Unfortunately, the practicing of instruments will not be permitted.

Once the 14-day quarantine is complete, asymptomatic students can move directly into their regular-year housing assignment on River Campus or at Eastman without any gap in days.

Option 3: Independent quarantine in tri-state area

Undergraduates from hot spot states who plan to arrive on campus for the start of the semester may quarantine on their own for 14 days prior to their scheduled move-in date. The quarantine could be done through independent housing, hotel arrangements off-campus, or through a friend or relative. Students who choose this option must submit proof to Residential Life that they have met the quarantine requirements prior to arrival on campus.

Option 4: Independent quarantine at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Rochester

The Hyatt Regency in downtown Rochester has worked with the University to offer a discounted rate for quarantining undergraduates of $99 per night ($1,386 for 14 days) for a single room, which includes housekeeping supplies and three meals per day brought directly to a student’s room. The Hyatt Regency’s offer has flexibility on the dates of the 14-day quarantine period if students need it—it does not require the Aug. 1 start date. The Hyatt also waived its “over 21” policy to allow students to quarantine there. The cost of your room can be applied to a student’s University billing account to avoid the need for a credit card payment. Registrants will be reviewed for financial need and high need students will receive support in the form of a credit that will be applied directly to their University account. 

What it means to quarantine

Quarantine means staying in assigned quarantine housing for the duration of the 14-day incubation period, monitoring yourself for any potential signs of infection. Quarantining means that you can’t go out—not to work, school, or public places. While it is vital to keep in touch with friends, significant others and family via video-conferencing, phone, or text, it’s not possible to spend any time with them during the 14 days.

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