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Disability Services and Support

For Students and Postdocs

Services for students with disabilities are provided within the individual schools. Each school has a designated access coordinator who requests and maintains disability-related documents, certifies eligibility for services, and determines and develops plans for reasonable academic accommodations.

Your access coordinator is your partner in the process for requesting academic accommodations.

Getting Started: How to Request Academic Accommodations

  1. Schedule an intake interview with your respective access coordinator. The access coordinator will conduct an interview with you about your disability and the impact it has on learning in a post-secondary environment. You and your access coordinator will discuss what reasonable accommodations you are requesting.
  2. Submit documentation of your disability. Documentation must meet the documentation guidelines established by the University of Rochester.
  3. We will review and evaluate the documentation. You will be notified once your documentation is reviewed to determine whether it meets the established guidelines, verifies the existence of a disability, and establishes how the requested accommodation will be effective. The process of determining reasonable accommodations is a collaborative effort between you, your access coordinator, a professional providing the documentation, and the course instructor or program director, if necessary.
  4. We will issue an accommodation letter to your instructors if reasonable accommodations are determined.
  5. You may use the formal or informal process for dispute resolution, if necessary.

Getting Started: Non-academic Accommodations

Requests for accommodations that fall outside the scope of the academic classroom, including housing, dining, and transportation, are evaluated by the relevant departments.

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Office of Disability Resources 
Student Disability Services
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Lynnett Van Slyke
University Intercessor and Director of Disability Compliance
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