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Disability Services and Support

For Students and Postdocs

Procedure for Requesting Academic Accommodations

  1. The student completes an online application to request accommodations.

  2. Once the application is submitted, the Office of Disability Resources ("ODR") contacts the student to schedule an intake interview with his or her respective access coordinator.

  3. The access coordinator and the student discuss the student’s disability and the impact it has on learning. The student and the access coordinator discuss what reasonable accommodations the student is requesting.

  4. All students are required to submit documentation of their disability pursuant to University of Rochester documentation guidelines as part of the intake process. The process of determining reasonable accommodations is collaborative among the student, the access coordinator, the qualified professional with knowledge of the student's disability, and the course instructor or program director, if necessary.

  5. If accommodations are granted, a notification of accommodations letter will be issued to the instructors of courses in which accommodations have been requested.

  6. Students are responsible for initiating requests for accommodations in their classes each term.

  7. Students may use the formal or informal process for dispute resolution, if they dispute the decision of the ODR.

Accommodations for students with disabilities are administered by individual schools. Each school has a designated access coordinator who determines eligibility for accommodations and determines and executes plans for their implementation.

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