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Audio and Video Content


You can provide a transcript in downloadable format along with your audio or video in order to meet the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. There are a number of transcription services available.

Recommended vendor: Rev

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are typically closed-captioned, however the automated captioning service is typiocally not very accurate and thus not suitable for deaf or hard-of-hearing students.

If you are putting your own videos on YouTube, it is recommended that you review and edit your transcript and captioning after it is created.

If you are using videos found on YouTube, please review the captions to determine if they are accurate. If they are not accurate, you may want to find another video source.


Panopto is a cloud-based service that streams video and is integrated into Blackboard. Videos can be created using the Panopto Recorders or created with external software tools and uploaded into Panopto. See Video Best Practices for examples. Playback within Panopto offers the ability to offer captioning side-by-side with the video. Captions can be added maually from an existing transcript or from a caption file. Panopto Captioning Features Captions can also be added by the Panopto service for a fee. Your school may have other options for obtaining captions. Please contact your Blackboard support team for more information. For more information about Panopto, please visit University of Rochester Panopto website.

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