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Current Campaigns

The University of Rochester is inviting displaced college students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to continue their undergraduate coursework in Rochester during the 2018 spring semester. You can help provide books, language support, health services, and more to our visiting students.

That’s equivalent to a cup of coffee, or a couple of music downloads. Trade those in just once this year, and make a gift to Rochester instead.

Trebellious Co-Ed A Cappella finally has the opportunity to put out an EP- or a short album- and you can help! Any donation you make will go toward our funds for creating an EP and improving our group as a whole.

Undocumented/DACAmented undergraduates at the University of Rochester are bracing themselves for a future riddled with financial challenges related to their immigration status. Community support is integral to ensuring that these students are able to remain in school.

Past Campaigns

San Jose Partners is a sustainable community development project out of the University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine. Two times each year, our team of doctors and medical students travels to a rural community in Southwest Honduras called San Jose San Marcos de la Sierra.

Less than 3% of all books published in America each year are originally written in a language other than English, effectively cutting off Americans from international viewpoints and voices. Through its publications, events connecting authors and underserved readers, and other community-driven initiatives, Open Letter is on a mission to expand and diversify book culture and the exchange of ideas.

When ROCmusic students pick up an instrument, they don’t just learn to play notes on a page – they experience collaboration, build self-confidence, and develop artistry and drive.

UR Solar Splash (URSS) is an interdisciplinary team of undergraduates at the University of Rochester who specialize in the design, construction, and operation of solar powered racing boats.

Thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer in our region every year and it can leave us feeling powerless. But there is something you can do to help cancer patients and survivors locally.

Our goal is simple–to raise funds for the Wilmot Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Center. Join us this October in our quest to end breast cancer!

The money we receive from this campaign will be used to fund the first half of our next album.

Mt. Hope Family Center provides evidence-based intervention and prevention programs to more than 900 at-risk children and families annually.