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Fall 2000
Vol. 63, No. 1

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Forget 'What's Your Major?' What's Your Cluster?
by Scott Hauser

Inspired by the new Rochester Curriculum, Rochester students are rethinking what it means to really study a subject--and are leaving with an education they built themselves.

Martha Matilda Harper and the American Dream
by Sally Parker

Even before Susan B. Anthony got women admitted to the University, Martha Matilda Harper was attending classes on campus. It was one of the ways she was preparing for an extraordinary entrepreneurial career when women just didn't do such things.

  • Scholarship in the Name of Susan B.

Project Rescue
by Tom Rickey

Project Link, a cooperative University-community program, may have found a way to rescue those toughest-to-treat mentally ill patients trapped in a Bermuda Triangle that bounces them from jail to hospital to the streets.

Tell Me the Truth About 'Home'
by Scott Hauser

Cheryl Neel Mendelson '73 (PhD) and her husband, Edward Mendelson '66, are uncovering new facets to the meaning of "home."

  • An Honest Man!

1999-2000: A Year in Review

A look at the academic year just past: including such diverse enterprises as a student-to-student teaching program, research into harnessing the power of brain waves, and the milestone award of the University's 7,000th Ph.D.

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