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Summer-Fall 2001
Vol. 64, No. 1

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Books and Recordings
Recent publications from alumni, faculty, and staff


And Today I Am Happy, by Penny Cagan '81. Chatoyant Press.

A collection of verse by the author of City Poems.

Becoming a Physician, by Thomas Bonner '47, '49 (Mas). Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.

A narrative history of medical education in four countries-Great Britain, France, Germany, and the United States-between the mid-18th and the mid-20th centuries.

By Man Ordained, a novel by Marian Ingrao Packer '48. Xlibris books.

Criminality and Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England: Beyond the Law, by Hal Gladfelder, assistant professor of English. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.

Decoding Darkness: The Search for the Genetic Causes of Alzheimer's Disease, by Rudolph Tanzi '80 and Ann B. Parson. Perseus Book Group, 2000.

Democratic Social Change: Social Studies for Social Change, by David Hursh, associate professor, the Warner School, and E. Wayne Ross. Falmer Press, 2000.

Elections as Instruments of Democracy: Majoritarian and Proportional Visions, by G. Bingham Powell, Jr., the Marie Curran Wilson and Joseph Chamberlain Wilson Professor of Political Science. Yale University Press, 2000.

Finding Funding (4th Edition): Grantwriting from Start to Finish, Including Project Management and Internet Use, by Ernest Brewer, Charles Achilles '57, '67 (PhD), Jay Fuhriman, Connie Hollingsworth. Corwin Press, 2001.

A new edition in a series that focuses on finding organizations with money, targeting proposals effectively, and writing effective grant proposals.

Globalization and the Theory of Input Trade (The Ohlin Lectures), by Ronald Jones, professor and chair of economics. MIT Press, 2000.

Human Services and the Marginal Client, by Nicholas Richie '61 and Diane Alperin. Charles C. Thomas Publishers, 2000.

I Need a Job, Now What? by Janet Garber '72 (MA). Silver Lining Books, 2001.

Microoptics Technology: Fabrication and Application of Lens Arrays and Devices, by Nicholas Borelli '63 (PhD). Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Partnership Tools, by Alan Konell '72. Hippo Press, 2001.

Tips and tools for maintaining healthy relationships, from marriages and friendships to professional relationships.

Peacemaker, by Gordon Kent (pseudonym of Kenneth Cameron '53 and Christian Cameron '87). Penguin Putnam, 2001.

A military thriller written by father and son, both former Navy intelligence officers.

Ronson's Art Metal Works, by Stuart Schneider '72. Schiffer Publishing, 2001.

Shakespeare and Masculinity (Oxford University Press, 2000), and Twelfth Night: Text and Contexts (Bedford Books, 2001), by Bruce Smith '73 (PhD).

Shakespeare's Noise, by Kenneth Gross, professor of English. University of Chicago Press, 2001.

Symbols of Japan: Thematic Motifs in Art and Design, by Merrily Baird '66. Rizzoli, 2001.

A guide to the most significant Japanese symbols organized according to thematic categories and illustrated with art in several media.

What We Hold in Common: An Introduction to Working-Class Studies, by Janet Zandy '73 (MA). The Feminist Press, 2001.


American Spiritual, by Marilyn Nonken '92E. CRI Records.

Nonken performs works written for her by Milton Babbitt, Michael Finnissy, Jeff Nichols, and Jason Eckardt.

The Best of Consider This, Vol. 1, by Margaret Wood Jones '85.

A comedic parody of National Public Radio's All Things Considered. Available at

Day of Rest, by Robin Sharon Jaskow '86. Argaman.

For the Love of Zion: Singing Arrangements of Shaker Songs, by Simplicity, an a cappella quartet featuring Alyssa Daudt '99, Amy Stevens '97, '98 (MS), Ian Sanchez '96, and Joey Chen '99, and directed by Leah Stein '98.

Jazz Solos and Fusion Solos, two play-along CDs and books, by Chris Vadala '70E. De Haske Productions, 2000.

The Outing, featuring 10 tracks of original jazz music by Damon Zick '97E. For more information, visit

Sound and Repercussion, solo flute compositions collected by Linda DiMartino Wetherill '72E. Albany Records.

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