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What the record books fail to personify is the special person Nancy Melvin Taylor ’86N was. —Christine Joor Mitchell ’86
‘A Steadfast Teammate’

October marks 20 years since Rochester’s field hockey team won the New York State and ECAC Division III Mid-Atlantic titles. The team went on to repeat as New York State champions in 1985. Former field hockey players will gather during Meliora Weekend, October 8–10, to celebrate the anniversary with a banquet and special tribute to Nancy Melvin Taylor ’86N. Sadly, Nancy —cocaptain of the 1984 and 1985 field hockey teams—lost her battle with breast cancer last November, two years after her husband’s death in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Pentagon [“Widow of September 11th Victim Remembered,” Spring 2004].

Nancy left an indelible mark on Rochester field hockey. She holds University records for career goals and goals in a season, and she is the only Rochester field hockey player ever named an All American.

What the record books fail to personify is the special person Nancy was—a cherished daughter, loving wife, nurturing mother, loyal friend, and steadfast teammate.

Those of us who had the good fortune to play with Nancy have lost a gifted and beloved athlete.

The Nancy Melvin Taylor Endowment Fund has been established to honor Nancy’s significant contributions to Rochester athletics. Donations to the fund will support the field hockey program.

Anyone wishing to donate in Nancy’s memory can send a check (made out to the University of Rochester) to Terry Gurnett, associate director, Goergen Athletic Center, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627, with a note indicating the contribution is for the Nancy Melvin Taylor Endowment Fund. More information about the fund is available at

Christine Joor Mitchell ’86
Cocaptain, 1985 Rochester field hockey
Lexington, Massachusetts
On a Family Note . . .

My father, Edward J. Farrell, received a B.A. in biology and a B.S. in chemical engineering in 1949 as well as a master’s degree in education in 1953 from the University. He was a mathematics department head at Edison Tech High School in Rochester for many years and is now retired and still lives in Rochester.

He and his wife, Catherine, who has passed away, had 10 children. I thought it would interest you to know that five of their children are Rochester graduates.

Edward T. Farrell ’75 is a research specialist for the New York State Health Department and lives in Troy, New York, with his wife, Sue.

Kathleen Farrell ’76 is a senior geologist with the North Carolina Geological Survey and lives in Gloucester Point, Virginia, with her husband, Steve Christo.

Barbara Farrell ’82 is an attorney and lives in Rochester with her husband, Kevin Gallagher.

John Farrell ’84 is an administrative law judge in Highland, New York, with his wife, Lisa.

Peter Farrell ’89 teaches English as a second language and lives in Tokyo, Japan, with his wife, Misa.

John Farrell ’84
Highland, New York
A Rave and a Request

Thank you for the fine edition of Rochester Review, received here in central Wisconsin in March.

I enjoyed reading through it and look forward to the next issue.

Geary Larrick ’70E (MM)
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Your Spring 2004 issue provided me with an opportunity—as always of late—to kick back and enjoy.

Permit me to offer one complaint with an accompanying recommendation: The Encyclopedia of Piano, newly published by Robert Palmieri ’54E and Margaret Walsh Palmieri ’53 (MM), mentioned in Books and Recordings and in Class Notes, is of considerable interest to me.

In the future, it would be useful in such instances if you could provide the pertinent Web site. (Fortunately, armed with the publisher’s name, I was able to locate the info I needed.)

William Lee ’54
Frederick, Maryland

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