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Books and Recordings is a compilation of recent publications by University alumni, faculty, and staff. For inclusion in an upcoming issue, please send the work’s title, publisher information, author, and author’s class year, along with a brief description, to Books and Recordings, Rochester Review, 147 Wallis Hall, P. O. Box 270033, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-0033; e-mail:


The GI’s Rabbi: World War II Letters of David Max Eichhorn
Edited by Greg Palmer and Mark S. Zaid ’89
University Press of Kansas, 2004

Washington, D.C., attorney Zaid coedits a collection of letters written by his grandfather, a Jewish chaplain during World War II. The correspondence recounts Eichhorn’s observations and experiences with the Army’s XV Corps in France and Germany. His tour of duty included holding the first Shabbat service for survivors after the liberation of Dachau.

Why Intelligent Design Fails: A Scientific Critique of the New Creationism
Edited by Matt Young ’62, ’67 (PhD) and Taner Edis
Rutgers University Press, 2004

Young, a retired physicist with the National Institute of Standards and Technology who teaches physics at the Colorado School of Mines, and Edis assemble a team of physicists, biologists, computer scientists, and archaeologists to explore—and refute—the claims of those who argue that there is “intelligent design” at work in the natural world.

Stop Arguing with Your Kids: How to Win the Battle of Wills by Making Your Children Feel Heard
By Michael P. Nichols ’73 (PhD)
Guilford Press, 2004

A professor of psychology at the College of William and Mary, Nichols also is the author of The Lost Art of Listening: How Learning to Listen Can Improve Relationships.

Late Psalm
By Betsy Sholl ’69 (MA)
The University of Wisconsin Press, 2004

Scholl, who teaches at the University of Southern Maine and in the M.F.A. program at Vermont College, is the author of five books of poetry.

Offshore Outsourcing: Business Models, ROI and Best Practices
By Marcia Robinson ’96S (MBA) and Ravi Kalakota
Mivar Press, 2004

Intended as a resource for managers and other business leaders, the book explores the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing and explains how large corporations are moving their business processes overseas.

Help! My Child Stopped Eating Meat!
By Carol J. Adams ’72
Continuum, 2004

Subtitled “An A–Z Guide to Surviving a Conflict in Diet,” the book offers parental guidance for bridging generational and culinary gaps between meat-eating parents and vegetarian and vegan children.

Man and Woman, War and Peace, 1941–1951
By Robert and Elizabeth Doty
Vantage Press, 2004

Written as a “dual autobiography,” the book features letters and diaries written by Robert, a professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, and his late wife, Elizabeth, during the early years of their courtship and marriage.

An Introduction to Lie Groups and the Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces
By Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos ’92 (PhD)
American Mathematical Society, 2003

The textbook introduces upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and research mathematicians to an advanced branch of geometry.

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals
By Stuart L. Schneider ’72
Schiffer Publishing, 2004

Illustrated with 825 photos, Schneider’s latest book is a reference for collectors.

Dancing with the Dog
By Susan Kennedy ’64
Philos Press, 2004

The book is a collection of poetry by Kennedy, who teaches in the California Poets in the Schools program.

New Music of the Nordic Countries
Edited by John White ’60E (PhD)
Pendragon Press, 2002

Organized into five parts, each focused on one Nordic country, the book concentrates on living composers but also provides a survey of the history of music in each country. White also wrote the chapter on the “New Music of Iceland.”

Courageous Healing: How to Fully and Quickly Recover from Traumatic Experiences or Feelings of Anger and Resentment
By Fred Craver ’71 (PhD)
Riko Books, 2004

A former college physics teacher turned motivational speaker, Craver recounts the ways that he has learned to overcome personal and professional adversity.

Rodin’s Eyes
By Don Feinfeld ’65
Fithian Press, 2004

The book is Feinfeld’s third collection of poems.

Do the Right Things . . . Right! . . . It IS That Simple!
By Richard C. Palermo Sr. ’59, ’62 (MS)
Breakthrough Publishing Group, 2003

Palermo, the executive vice president and chief consulting officer of the firm Strategic Triangle Inc. in Pittsford, New York, offers some of the lessons he’s learned from 30 years as a senior corporate executive, business consultant, and management coach.

Relativity Unraveled
By Hans J. Zweig ’49
Edition Steinherz, 2004

Zweig presents counterexamples to Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity to argue that the universe is younger and more compact than the generally accepted theories indicate.

Technology in American Health Care: Policy Directions for Effective Evaluation and Management
By Alan B. Cohen ’73 and Ruth S. Hanft with William E. Encinosa, Stephanie M. Spernak, Shirley A. Stewart, and Catherine C. White
University of Michigan Press, 2004

Cohen, professor of health policy and management and executive director of the Health Policy Institute at Boston University, and Hanft explore how medical advances are developed, marketed, evaluated, and adopted.

Theory and Composition of Percussion Music
By Geary Larrick ’70E (MM)
Edwin Mellen Press, 2004

Divided into three sections, the book discusses music theory, scholarly sources, and publications from the second half of the 20th century.

Havens: Stories of True Community Healing
By Leonard Jason ’75 (PhD) and Martin Perdoux
Praeger, 2004

Part of the publisher’s series on contemporary psychology, the book explores efforts by the elderly, recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, and people with physical and mental illnesses to live together as a way of caring for each other.


By Bruce Rolphe (music), Kate Light ’80E, ’82E (MM) (text and poems), and Michelle Mariana and Tom Alan Robbins (narrators)
PollyRhythm Productions, 2004

The disc is a recording of a work commissioned by the La Jolla, California, Chamber Music Society to celebrate the Scripps Institute of Oceanography’s 100th anniversary.

By D. J. Segler ’95
Self-produced, 2003

Segler blends solo piano, voices, and orchestral instruments in his first recording.

Fearful Symmetry: Musics of Ted Frazeur
By various artists
Mark Custom Recording, 2004

The recording features performances of music by Frazeur ’51E, ’56E (MM), including pieces for chorus, tuba, oboe, violin with percussion as well as solo songs for contralto and tenor.

The Complete John Cage Edition, Volume 29: Variations I, II and III
By Motion Ensemble
Mode Records, 2004

The recording features music from one of Cage’s most experimental periods by the new music group whose performers include Helen Pridmore ’96E (DMA), an associate professor at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.

Ravel: Das Klavierwerk
By Heidi Lowy ’73 (MM)
Bayer Records, 2003

Pianist Lowy also recorded Mozart: The Complete Piano Sonatas, which was released as a six-CD set by the Musical Heritage Society in 2000 and as single discs on the Musicians Showcase label in 2000 and 2001.