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Books & Recordings


Russian-Ottoman Borderlands: The Eastern Question Reconsidered

Edited by Lucien Frary and Mara Kozelsky ’04 (PhD)

University of Wisconsin Press, 2014

Kozelsky, associate professor of history at the University of South Alabama, coedits a series of essays exploring the long-term consequences of the violence, population dislocations, and rebellions in the 19th century in the borderlands between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. The collection draws on new material from Russian and Ottoman archives.

The Spirit of Josephine

By Florence Ladd ’58 (PhD)

Côte-d’Or Press, 2014

Ladd tells the story of an African-American singer in Paris who renews her ties to her home and family in Louisville, Kentucky, after decades of separation. Set in Paris, the novel explores the expatriate experience, social mobility of African Americans, and the dynamics of family reunions.

The Heavenly Casino

By Carl Filbrich ’72

Five Star Press, 2014

Filbrich tells the story of an amateur Las Vegas detective who investigates the murder of a televangelist who had planned to open a Christian-themed casino.

Love Story: Anne and Wolfgang Titze Collection

Edited by Clayton Press ’71

Verlag für modern Kunst, 2014

Press, a partner in the art advisory service Linn Press, edits and contributes to the book accompanying the premiere exhibit at the Belvedere in Vienna, Austria, of the 130-work collection of international contemporary art of the French-Austrian couple Anne and Wolfgang Titze.

Music for the Melodramatic Theatre in Nineteenth-Century London and New York

By Michael Pisani ’96E (PhD)

University of Iowa Press, 2014

Pisani, professor of music at Vassar College, examines the multiple functions of music in 19th-century theater, the most common venue for music performance in England and the United States at that time.

A Handbook for Managing Strategic Processes: Becoming Agile in a World of Changing Realities

By Michael Lodato ’59 (MA)

AuthorHouse, 2014

Lodato brings his nearly five decades of experience in strategic planning to bear on a step-by-step guide for business executives to develop an agile strategic management process.

Bearing Fruit

By Leslie Neustadt ’71

Spirit Wind Books, 2014

Neustadt presents a poetic memoir based on her experience of leaving a demanding career in law following a diagnosis of an incurable form of blood cancer.

The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript

By Barry Libin ’65

Urim Publications, 2014

Libin tells a story of an Oxford University graduate student who takes up the quest to find the alleged lost manuscript of English poet John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Blue Moon

By Dale Dapkins ’68

Whiz Bang Publications, 2014

Self-styled social science fiction novelist Dapkins writes of “a world where all male babies have had their psych-deviator complex removed at birth,” resulting in almost no violence. “But before his operation, Albert Einstein escapes to planet Earth to sow mayhem.”


By Linda Chalmer Zemel ’66, ’68W (MA)

CreateSpace, 2014

Zemel, publisher and editor of the literary journal Person, Place, Thing, and faculty member at SUNY Buffalo State College, explores “why cousins are like friends but more,” in a book for children ages three to eight. The book pairs answers with images of classic paintings of families across centuries and around the globe. Paintings are from the Smithsonian’s National Gallery of Art.

Chief of Diamonds

By Ira Lichtenstein ’78

CreateSpace, 2014

Lichtenstein tells a fictional story based on the life of Alexander Joy Cartwright Jr., a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and often cited as the “father of modern baseball.”

American Past Time

By Len Joy ’73, ’74S (MBA)

Hark! New Era Publishing, 2014

Joy presents his first novel, a story of a major league baseball pitcher about to debut with the St. Louis Cardinals. Set in 1953, the story follows the player as he contends with the loss of fans and support.

Hanging by a Hair

By Nancy Cohen ’70, ’70N

Five Star Press, 2014

A couple moves into a new neighborhood to discover a murder next door. The novel is part of Cohen’s Bad Hair Day mystery series. Cohen has also released Warrior Lord (Wild Rose Press), part of her Drift Lord paranormal romance series.


By Lisa Cohen ’84

Interrobang Books, 2014

Cohen presents a science fiction romance in which a precocious teenage girl, expert in computer code and stuck on a space station, seeks an escape from her controlling family.

Athlete, Not Food Addict: Wellspring’s Seven Steps to Weight Loss

By Daniel Kirschenbaum ’71

New Horizon Press, 2014

Kirschenbaum offers an approach to weight loss based on the premise that to lose weight sustainably, people must become “weight controller athletes,” training their bodies for health just as athletes do. Kirschenbaum is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern and president of Wellspring, a provider of weight loss treatment.

The Farmington Railroad Tragedy of 1900

By Reginald W. Neale and John M. Robortella

Finger Lakes Historical Press, 2014

Robortella, retired associate director of marketing and communications at the Simon Business School, coauthors a book exploring an infamous railroad accident in the history of Farmington, New York, in which a mother and four children were killed as a Lehigh Valley express train collided with their horse-drawn carriage. The book is edited by George Tomczyk, retired director of public affairs at Simon.

Never Be Closing: How to Sell Better Without Screwing Your Clients, Your Colleagues, or Yourself

By Timothy Dunne ’86, ’87S (MBA) and Tim Hurson

Portfolio, 2014

Playing on the sales adage “always be closing,” business consultants Dunne and Hurson argue that the best salespeople build long-lasting relationships with clients—a task that requires viewing the close of the sale as the beginning, rather than the end, of the business-client relationship.

An Accidental Abduction

By Roderick Cyr ’01S (MBA)

Roderick Cyr, 2014

Cyr tells the story of a Minnesota woman who is kidnapped by terrorists when she joins her church on a mission to Morocco.

Playing Smarter in a Digital World: A Guide to Choosing and Using Popular Video Games and Apps to Improve Executive Functioning in Children and Teens

By Randy Kulman ’77

Specialty Press, 2014

Kulman, a psychologist and founder and director of LearningWorks for Kids, provides a guide to digital media products that can help sharpen children’s cognitive skills. The book is especially targeted to the needs of children with disorders such as dyslexia, autism, and ADHD.

College Success: A Concise Practical Guide (Sixth Edition)

By David and Carol Strickland ’83N, ’99N (PhD)

BVT Publishing, 2014

The Stricklands provide advice for college freshmen to make a successful transition from high school. The guide is designed for use in mandatory, semester-long courses on college success offered to freshmen in a growing number of two-year and four-year institutions.


Organ Works of Anton Heiller

By Mark Steinbach ’90E (DMA)

Loft, 2014

Steinbach, organist, curator of instruments, and lecturer in music at Brown University, performs Heiller’s recently discovered 1940 work, Passacaglia, among other compositions on the restored 1962 von Beckerath 4-manual/66-stop mechanical- action organ, in St. Paul’s Cathedral in Pittsburgh.

The Good Fight

By the Exchange

The Exchange, 2014

The five-man vocal pop group that includes YellowJackets a cappella alumni Jamal Moore ’12E and Aaron Sperber ’11, ’11E presents their first EP. The Good Fight includes six original tracks and marks the one-time a cappella group’s first step into music with instrumental backing.

Chinese Piano Music

By Joel Schoenhals ’98E (DMA)

Fleur de Son Classics, 2014

Schoenhals performs 16 representative pieces of Chinese piano music, and includes sleeve notes for each one, in a recording designed to introduce Western listeners to Chinese music. Schoenhals is a professor of piano at Eastern Michigan University and has been a guest professor of piano at China’s Nanchang University since 2012.

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