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A Doubleheader of Sorts
lettersON DECK: Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams (above, left) made an uncredited appearance in the July-August issue, writes James Areno ’75, referring to a photo showing Williams as manager for the Washington Senators. Along with a photo showing New York Yankees great Babe Ruth (below, left), the story “Pitching Politics” highlighted “arguably the two greatest hitters in the history of the game,” Areno writes. (Photo: Library of Congress)
letters (Photo: AP Images)

That was a great photo in the July-August issue of the great Babe Ruth presenting a copy of his biography to Yale baseball player George H. W. Bush in the spring of 1948 (“Pitching Politics”).

Who ever would have dreamed that the young Yale captain would become president 40 years later?

In another photo in the same article, I wonder how many of your readers recognized that the Washington Senators manager standing alongside President Nixon, as he was throwing out the opening day first pitch in 1969, was former Red Sox slugger Ted Williams.

Thus, these two photos captured two presidents along with arguably the two greatest hitters in the history of the game.

James Areno ’75

Rhinebeck, New York

Where Are My Classmates?

I always look forward to receiving my copy of Rochester Review and to reading its interesting articles about my alma mater. But I must admit I am most interested in seeing who is mentioned in the various class news articles.

Unfortunately I never see any mention of the men’s Class of ’43. So I am wondering if I am I the last of those who, having joined the Army reserves in order to finish college, were called to active duty immediately upon graduation.

Sad to say, World War II interrupted the careers of many of us and ended the careers of some.

I am 99, and I am hoping that some of my surviving classmates will see this article and respond. My email address is, if you wish to contact me directly.

Myron (Mike) Klein ’43

Fort Myers, Florida

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