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Public Safety Review Board

About the Board

The Public Safety Review Board (PSRB) was established by former President Joel Seligman in October 2016. The board is chaired by University Trustee Francis Price and is comprised of the Students’ Association president, and faculty, staff and administrators from across the University who meet quarterly or on an as-needed basis to provide regular assessments of Department of Public Safety (DPS) policies and procedures, and to review any significant incidents involving DPS actions.

PSRB Charge and Membership

The Review Board will periodically review our selection, training, cultural sensitivity, de-escalation procedures, terms of engagement, and gun safety measures.  It will also provide an independent review of any future instance of use of a weapon by an officer of the Department of Public Safety and review each instance of a complaint of racial bias in the Department consistent with existing University policies and procedures.  The Review Board will report to the University President.

The membership of the Public Safety Review Board will be approved annually and will include the chair or one of the co-chairs of the Faculty Senate; a Medical Center faculty member and a Medical Center student, resident, or fellow selected by the Executive Committee of the Medical Center Institute for Innovative Education; the president or a delegate selected by the Students’ Association; and on a permanent basis, the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, who will be expected to be a conduit for staff views, the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Chief Operating Officer of Strong Memorial Hospital, and the Chief Diversity Officer as an ex officio member of the board. I will expect all members of the new Review Board to be selected by November 1 of this year (2017) and in subsequent years no later than October 1.  The Public Safety Review Board annually will prepare a report for the President that subsequently will be published for the University community on its principal findings and recommendations.  The Office of General Counsel will provide staff support for the Review Board.  The Review Board will be expected to meet with or receive reports from the Department of Public Safety and all other relevant parties as necessary to effectively perform its work.

PSRB Members

Public Safety Review Board Chair

  • University Trustee Francis L. Price ’74, ’75S (MBA)

Public Safety Review Board Members

  • The Board will permanently include:
    • Robert Bones, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Eastman School of Music
    • Matthew Burns, Dean of Students
    • Kathleen Gallucci, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
    • Kathy Parrinello, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, Strong Memorial Hospital
    • Sarah E. Peyre, Interim Provost
    • Mercedes Ramírez Fernández (ex officio member of the board), Richard Feldman Vice President for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
  • The Board will annually include:
    • A member of the Faculty Senate, designated by the chair or co-chairs of the Faculty Senate
    • Medical Center faculty member selected by the Executive Committee of the Medical Center Institute for Innovative Education
    • Medical Center student, resident, or fellow selected by the Executive Committee of the Medical Center Institute for Innovative Education
    • President or a delegate selected by the Students’ Association
    • Eastman School of Music student delegate 
  • The Board will be staffed by:
    • Richard S. Crummins, Senior Counsel, Office of Counsel 

Messages and Updates

June 8, 2020
Actions to Address Equity and Inclusion on Campus
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April 22, 2019
Recommendation to President Feldman
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December 19, 2018
A Message to the University Community: Public Safety Proposal Advisory Committee Established
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November 2, 2018
Message from Chair Francis Price on PSRB reviewing DPS proposal
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May 15, 2018
Proposal from DPS: “Proposed Evolution of the Armed Peace Officer Program.” (Updated 12/10/2018)
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October 13, 2016
Message from President Seligman on the Security Commission Report
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September 7, 2016
Security Commission Report
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Meeting Minutes



Principles of Confidentiality and Transparency

The University of Rochester Public Safety Review Board (PSRB) was appointed by President Seligman to oversee implementation of his decision to provide certain University Peace Officers with firearms.  The PSRB will review and evaluate plans for officer selection, training, policies, and equipment selection and management.  The PSRB will also serve to review incidents of firearm use that may occur, complaints of bias against DPS officers, and other significant events.

As an advisory group, the PSRB’s proceedings and actions are not official acts of the University.  The group makes recommendations to the President.  Nonetheless, its activities and the subjects of its review are of paramount interest to the University community.  The intent of this document is to formalize the PSRB’s policy and practice as it concerns the balance of confidentiality and transparency.

The PSRB’s evaluation of officer selection criteria, the content of training programs, and the frequency/type of reports of bias of DPS officers are suitable for public dissemination.  These matters, and future review items (e.g. use of metal detectors or body cameras) are expected to be published to the University community as described further below.

By contrast, the details of specific incidents generally are not subject to public inspection, to the extent the information relates to the officers involved, but also students, faculty and staff or members of the surrounding community, and may be confidential by law or other University policy (e.g. FERPA information, personnel or medical records).  The PSRB may, from time to time, report on these events in an aggregated and de-identified manner, or may choose to disclose certain facts about specific incidents, but as a whole, this type of information will be treated with greater levels of confidentiality overall.

Specific policies and guidelines of the Department of Public Safety, which may concern use or storage of weapons, and which may be reviewed by the PSRB, will also not generally be made public.  DPS policies are not currently published, for safety reasons.  Publication might allow those intending to do harm to evade crime prevention, detection and/or response.

In the case of disagreement among members of the PSRB on the confidentiality that attaches to a specific issue or incident, all agree to abide by the decision of the Chair.

The PSRB will meet monthly until it determines some other frequency of meetings is desirable.

As described below, information suitable for public dissemination will be published by agreement of the PSRB.  Minutes of discussions will be prepared for each meeting and, once approved by the PSRB, will be published to the University community.  The expectation is that the individual comments and discussion among PSRB members during meetings will not be discussed outside the PSRB.

Personally identifiable information (or information that, because of its context, could lead to the identification of individuals) will not be included in the minutes and should not be discussed outside the PSRB.  The PSRB may, depending on the circumstances, decide to publicize some information regarding such matters, upon consultation with counsel and/or available resources with certifiable qualifications and expertise in matters under consideration.

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