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University Research Awards

Originally called Provost’s Multidisciplinary Awards, the University Research Awards (URA) provide "seed" grants for promising, high-risk projects, says Robert Clark, provost and senior vice president for research.

The fund has been increased from $500,000 annually to $1 million, effective from the 2018-2019 academic year. Half of the funding comes from the President's Fund, with the rest being matched by the various schools whose faculty members are recipients.

Applications are sought from faculty across the University, and funding is awarded to recipients who demonstrate their projects favor new research with a high probability of being leveraged by future external funding. A review committee of faculty from across UR provides peer review of the applications.

The RFP describes the process, and the fill-in application can be downloaded here:

Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on February 4, 2019 - late submissions and or revisions will not be accepted.

Contact Adele Coelho, Faculty Outreach Coordinator, Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Research, with questions. Completed applications should be e-mailed directly to her as well.

2018-2019 University Research Award Winners

Project title: Inscriptr Genome Editing - Directed Non-homologous DNA Integration
Douglas Anderson, Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute
Project title: Particle Assembly of Mesomorphic Ceramics
Mitchell Anthamatten, Chemical Engineering
Thomas Brown, Chemical Engineering
Shaw-Horng Chen, Chemical Engineering
Matthew Yates, Chemical Engineering
Project title: Autonomic Nervous System Biomarkers Distinguish Epileptic vs. Psychogenic Seizures
David Auerbach, Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute
Jean-Phillippe Couderc, Medicine; Electrical and Chemical Engineering
Giuseppe Erba, Neurology
Giovanni Schifitto, Neurology and Imaging Sciences
Project title: How Is Rochester a Prison Town?
Joel Burges, English
Kristin Doughty, Anthropology
Kara Finnigan, Educational Leadership
Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge, Art & Art History
Diane Morse, Psychiatry and Medicine
Dena Swanson, Counseling & Human Development
Josh Dubler, Religion and Classics
Precious Bedell, Psychiatry
Project title: Robust Optical Devices Comprising Glassy Liquid Crystals with Photoalignment Polymer Films
Shaw Chen, Chemical Engineering
Tanya Kosc, Laboratory for Laser Engetics
Project title: Pre-clinical mouse model for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS)
Ian Dickerson, Neuroscience
Joseph Miano, Medicine; Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute
Project title: Computer Vision Enabled Quantitative Analytics for Ultra-Widefield Fluorescein Angiography (UWFFA)
Ajay Kuriyan, Flaum Eye Institute
Rajeev Ramchandran, Flaum Eye Institute
Gaurav Sharma, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Project title: White Matter Integrity and Cognitive Performance in Adolescents with Primary Hypertension
Marc Lande, Pediatrics
Heather Adams, Neurology
Giovanni Schifitto, Neurology and Imaging Sciences
Project title: Non-invasive quantitative assessment of tendon healing using ultrasound and machine learning
Alayna Loiselle, Center for Musculoskeletal Research
Constantinos Ketonis, Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
Project title: Disparate Geographies: Spatial and Racial Landscapes in Rochester, New York
Kathryn Mariner, Anthropology
Project title: Quantum Optomechanical Networks
John Nichol, Physics and Astronomy
William Renninger, Institute of Optics
Project title: Novel Supramolecular Hydrogels for Sustained and Localized Drug Delivery
Bradley Nilsson, Chemistry
Takahiro Takano, Eastman Institute for Oral Health
Project title: Brain Elastography with Optical Coherence Tomography
Kevin James Parker, ECE: Imagining Science
Jannick Rolland-Thompson, Optical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering
Maiken Nedergaard, Neurology
Project title: Bifunctional tandem-catalysts for CO2 conversion to plastics, chemicals and fuels”
Marc Porosoff, Chemical Engineering
Project title: Daily Emotional Reactivity as an Early Risk Marker of Depression
Lisa Starr, Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology
Project title: Engineering T cell metabolism for cancer immunotherapy
Andrew Wojtovich, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Minsoo Kim, Microbiology and Immunology

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